It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (6.04) Shows How to Do Great Radio (and How Not to Be a Jabroni)

Mac calls into a radio show and gets a VIP prize at a Philadelphia Fliers game.

“You guys can’t censor me, I’m a bit of a badass.”

Mac and Charlie are excited. Not only will they get to take a shot at the goal at half time, but they get to spend the weekend at the radio hosts’ beach house. They can’t wait to hang out with all the athletes and celebrities. This is Mac’s opportunity to “sew” himself into the inner circle and become a local sports legend.

Charlie notices Frank is tape recording Dennis and Dee.

“They got great banter. They jib-jab. Jib-jab-jib-jab-jib-jab.”

Frank tapes them to listen to in his car. Dennis and Dee think their conversation in the last five minutes is so much better than the “moronic commentary and stupid sound effects” on the radio like the show Mac and Charlie just won on. They talk about issues, they could make a podcast that would be so much more worthwhile.

Mac and Charlie can’t believe they all can’t just be happy about their huge opportunity. They’re just jealous, they say. They leave to practice hockey.

Frank loves the zingers. He tells Dennis and Dee to wait so he has time to turn his tape over.

“Oh shit! I taped over my Luther Vandross mix!”

Outside, Charlie is teaching Mac all about hockey since he has a lot of peewee experience.

Mac begins using the hockey stick like a sword.

“All of my instincts and my training tell me to use this as a weapon.”

Charlie advises him not to do that, then shows Mac proper form, but Mac can’t bend down.

“When you tack on mass, you sacrifice flexibility. That’s just a straight up fact.”

Charlie moves on to just getting Mac to shoot the puck. He says he has to guide the puck “like a tiny bowl of cream you don’t want to spill.”

Mac doesn’t want to do that. He wants to just do a slapshot otherwise he’s going to look like a jabroni. Before he can do slapshots though, he has to know how to handle a puck. He tries it once, but it is pathetic. They decide to go to the rink.

Inside, the Paddy’s office is a now a podcast studio. Dennis and Dee set up while Frank serves as their producer eating crackers. Frank wonders why they have to fiddle with a computer when they can just record onto the tape.

They start their inaugural podcast. Their first topic… technology! The Big-T.
Dennis asks for Dee’s opinion. She clams up. Frank is bored with them now so he brings in their first guest… Cricket!

Dennis thinks this is a great idea so they can “rail on him about the homeless issue.”

Rickety Cricket walks in and asks for the chicken Frank promised him. His voice is all raspy now thanks to the infected wound on his neck from Frank hitting him with a trashcan last season.

Cricket won’t talk until he gets his chicken, but Frank was just shitting him. Instead, he gives Cricket a bag of lemons to suck on.

They finally get started. Dennis asks Cricket to talk about his day. He recounts the other day when an aroused dog sniffed his wound and wanted to screw it.

“Does my scar look like a dog’s vagina?”

Producer Frank tries to move it along by telling Cricket to tell Dee she’s ugly. Dee says he doesn’t think that because he’s madly in love with her, but on the contrary, Cricket says he’s over her.

“Since when?”
“Since I found out you were a whoooree!”
“Okay well maybe you’re a whore, you stupid ugly homeless bitch. Well, a dog banged your neck the other day!”
“Well at least –someone’s- banging my vagina, you know what I’m saying!?”

Dennis snaps.
“This is not good radio!!!!”

Mac and Charlie are at the rink. They go on the ice without skates. Mac reminds Charlie that he’s going to wear the duster. Charlie suggests he wears a wig too. Long flowing hair will be dramatic.

Mac doesn’t want to have to wear the wig forever once he’s famous just to keep up appearances, like Andre Agassi.

Mac takes a shot, but it goes backwards and almost hit some girl. They get kicked out. Mac thinks they have to come out with a big routine otherwise he’ll look like a jabroni. Charlie stops him. He loves the word “jabroni.” Where did Mac come up with such an awesome word?

We are back, Dennis says, they got a little derailed earlier. Next hot topic: stem cell research.

Dennis begins giving background on the issue when suddenly… a quack. Dee starts pushing keys on the computer for sound effects, annoying Dennis. That is, until she presses the laser beam sound effect. They really like that one.

Frank comes back into the studiooffice with a new topic, war! Great idea they think. He’s even got the perfect guest… Travis Schuldt’s Ben the Soldier!

Dee doesn’t feel comfortable about this.

Dennis begins asking Ben about the war in a hilarious, over exaggerated political pundit voice. (Two wars!?!?) Frank interjects again with a different, more interesting topic. He wants to talk about how Dee and Ben used to bang each other.

“What kind of technique did you use and tie-ups and stuff like that. Cuz people like sex.”

That’s not good radio, Dee says.

“Yar in the hot seat, girl!”

It’s nighttime at the ice rink. And set to “Push It To The Limit” from Scarface, we get a montage of Charlie transforming Mac into a hockey player.

Back to the podcast.
Next guest… The Waitress.

Frank promised her an apology from Dennis, that’s why she came.

“You didn’t believe him did you?”
“Well that makes you incredibly gullible and stupid.”

Dee tells her not to take that from him. They continue pushing the hilarious sound effects. Again, Frank has a better idea. He offers 50 bucks for her to take her top off and to drink soup out of his shoe. Then $500.

Dennis starts the countdown sound effect. “Fine, I’ll do it,” she agrees as time is up. But only to the soup, not the top.

“Well, that’s a relief to all of us.”
“Oooo!! Zing!!!”

Frank calls in Cricket with the soup. But he could only find a bucket of dirty dishwater instead. The Waitress isn’t going to drink dishwater.

“Then dump it on her head!” Frank suggests and he does. Dennis, Dee and Frank go wild! They love it! Sound effects for everyone!

“Now this is good radio!”

It’s Mac’s big moment. Charlie is dressed up with a jersey, a flag wrapped as his cape and the wig. Dennis and Dee come by to give them their demo tape. They had to use Frank’s tape recorder since their computer got water damage.

Mac gets called out to the ice. He hands the radio guys the demo tape and he and Charlie begin to do their routine on the ice leading up to Mac smashing the puck through a cardboard goalie in the net.

Mac’s a sports legend! The crowd goes wild. They chant his name!

Ooops. Back to reality. Mac is face down on the ice. Charlie tries waking him up. He turns over, his face smashed right into the demo tape to pieces. Apparently, he tripped and fell as soon as he walked onto the ice.

Episode Thoughts
It was another back to basics, simple episode of Sunny. Like the old days. And it was awesome. Absolutely hilarious. The half hour flew by too fast, but it was full of inside jokes and great fun.

You can’t go wrong bringing up the duster and having Cricket and The Waitress randomly appear. And it looks like we have another recurring character to add into the Sunny world with Bob Soldier. Great seeing Travis Schuldt.

A hilarious episode, definitely best of the four so far this season. The show always does well with the simple, non-outrageous storylines. Just them messing around.

A detailed recap is nice and all, but you know what’s even better? Actually watching the full episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!
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  1. Great recap of one of my favorite shows. Mac checking out the pavement, noting “it isn’t regulation”, and Frank shoving his face with the crackers = classic.

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