The Emmys Love Their Favorites; What They Got Right and What They Didn’t

The Emmys can sometimes get things right once in a while (see: Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton), but it wasn’t all high fives when the nominees were officially announced today.

There were some great surprises like the first Friday Night Lights nominations in the major categories as well as the passing over of perennial nominees, though sometimes undeservedly so, like Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson from Grey’s Anatomy and Jeremy Piven and Entourage.

But there were plenty of head-scratching picks. Let’s get it out of the way first. Glee rode its hype train and the Emmy voters hitched a ride on the bandwagon. Its impact on pop culture is undeniable, but the 19 nominations handed to them seems a tad too much especially considering who was possibly left out in favor of the Gleeks.

No question Jane Lynch was a shoo-in for Supporting Actress. She may just go home with the Emmy, and it would be a nice win. But the nominations of Matt Morrison, Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, and yes even Neil Patrick Harris could have easily gone to more deserving nominees.

Mike O’Malley is the exception and probably deserves his nod in Guest Actor more than Jane Lynch does in Supporting Actress. And last year’s surprise Emmy winner Kristin Chenoweth was a safe bet. But Matthew Morrison over Joel McHale (Community) and yup, even Charlie Sheen (Two and a Half Men)? Lea Michele over Courtney Cox-Arquette (Cougar Town) and Patricia Heaton (The Middle)? And how about Chris Colfer over Ed O’Neill (Modern Family)! Not to mention Nick Offerman (Parks & Recreation), Chevy Chase (Community), and Jack McBrayer and Tracy Morgan of 30 Rock. (They should’ve taken Jon Cryer’s slot as well.)

Its Series nomination is also pretty questionable as it seems to have been nominated based on hype and not on any noticeable, consistent quality.

Speaking of snubs, the Emmys seem to be allergic to Courtney Cox, Ed O’Neill and Katey Sagal. Courtney Cox-Arquette is one of the biggest reasons Cougar Town has grown into a fine series. And after being passed on for their iconic Married… With Children roles, Ed O’Neill (on Modern Family) and Katey Sagal (incredible in Sons of Anarchy) more than deserved their shot at the gold this year.

And the Community shutout was very surprising. Not one single nomination for a freshman season that grew to be as good as ABC’s acclaimed Wednesday line-up.

Other thoughts…
The Office didn’t deserve their Comedy Series nomination if we are to look at the season as a whole. It was their weakest season yet. But submitting their one good episode (“Niagara”) and the typical Emmy laziness equals another series nod.

While The Amazing Race will 99.9% run away with the Emmy for Reality-Competition Program again this year, the same nominees four years running in the category is starting to get absurd. If ratings and ticket sales so low, their concert tour had to be cut short aren’t signs that American Idol is on its last legs and greatly undeserving of an Emmy nomination, then I don’t know what is. Survivor should have easily taken Idol‘s slot. With or without Survivor, TAR’s World War I episode should secure their record breaking 8th consecutive win in the category.

A stunningly great showing for The Good Wife, as it was expected. It’s series slot (along with True Blood‘s) could have easily gone to Friday Night Lights or Sons of Anarchy though.

Sharon Gless (after placing in the Top 10 a few years ago) officially makes it through for USA’s Burn Notice proving name recognition goes a long way with voters. She is great on the show, but certainly others deserving as well, including S. Epatha Merkerson for Law & Order and Khandi Alexander on Treme.

The Emmys love Jon Hamm. Sure. But nominate him for his performance on Saturday Night Live, not his cameo on 3o Rock for Guest Actor. Thanks.

In the battle of the freshman comedies, I’m rooting and hoping for Modern Family to take the big prize if it’ll be taken away from 3o Rock (who admittedly had its spottiest season as well).

And finally, I hate that the Emmys have to reignite the now-passe Leno/Conan mess. First off, Leno has never been an Emmy favorite, so there’s nothing new in him not being nominated. And second, David Letterman has been consistently funnier than both Leno and Conan, so giving a slot to Conan to make some kind of statement instead of giving it to Letterman is crazy. Anyway, the Emmy will go to Jon Stewart or hopefully Colbert this year. Conan is great, but not the best. If he gets the sympathy/politicized win, then it just shows how deeply flawed the Emmys are.

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