Friday Night Lights 4.08 – Looking Back to Move Forward

“Gracie doesn’t have any pants!”

The Taylors are all in a frenzy this morning as Julie and Tami are last-minute packing for their trip to see Boston University (or is it Boston College). Eric just wants to find Gracie some pants.

Meanwhile, the league’s two worst teams are facing off this week, the Lions of East Dillon vs. the Campbell Park Timberwolves, in what is being called “The Toilet Bowl.”

Coach talks to his team, telling them they aren’t “scrappers” anymore. They’re Lions and he’s proud of them. When they head out for practice, they find a toilet bowl in the middle of the field.

Luke’s hip is bruised up pretty bad… no, really bad, and he’s already finished his bottle of pain relievers. He doesn’t let his parents know how bad it is. At practice, Tim notices Luke isn’t 100%.

Buddy comes to visit. He tells Coach how he “used to be something with the Dillon Panthers” and that he wants to be like that here in East Dillon now. Buddy then tries to convince a Spanish-language radio station to start broadcasting Lions games every Friday.

Tim goes in to inquire about that plot of land he fell in love with last week. It’s on sale for a mere $ 75,000, if he can pay half upfront.

Mindy calls Tim to ask him to help with the clogged up toilet since Billy is nowhere to be seen. Becky drives Tim in his truck since he’s been drinking, of course. When they get there, Mindy asks Billy about what he’s been working on at the shop really late. He had no idea he’d been working late. She thinks he’s having an affair.

Tim is at the shop waiting for Billy and then asks him what he’s been doing. Billy explains this new business venture he’s gotten himself into… chop shopping. Tim thinks he’s crazy for doing something so stupid. Billy says he needs to do it to survive.

Becky tries to coach Tim Riggins on how to do well at job interviews. What kind of situation are you looking for, Sir Becky asks. Tim answers, “I’m looking for a situation where I can achieve something. Be proud of it. And do it start to finish, on my own.”

“You know what I think? I think you’re a strong person, an honest worker, and I think you can grow up to be whoever you want to be Tim Riggins.”

Just then, Luke arrives at the door. Awkward tension between Luke and Becky before he steps outside with Tim. He tells Tim all about his injury and he recommends a doctor who’ll give him what he needs for the pain. All he’s got to do is complement his TMU days, and answer No, No, Yes, and No to whatever four questions he asks.

Later, Tim applies at Sears, but doesn’t feel like it’s a sure thing. Later, he brings Becky to show her the land at sunset. He tells her all about his plans for a home and the land. He thanks her for helping him and she goes in for a kiss.

Landry tries to ask Jess on a date, and she seems hesitant, or not, she’s giving off really mixed signals. But she agrees to go out on Wednesday night.

At the grocery store, Jess with brothers run into Vince and his mother. Vince’s mother invites Jess to dinner. She accepts.

Crucifictorious is practicing, but Landry isn’t feeling it. Jimmy and Devin talk to Landry about being stood up by Jess. But Landry says it was rescheduled, which really was a good thing because Thursday is more conducive to “getting busy” (Devin: “Get busy!?!?!?!”) than Wednesday.

“Every now and then, people want to get busy!!!”

Jess is at the Howard apartment for dinner. Take notice of his mother holding a just out of the microwave casserole dish of mashed potatoes on her palm… on her palm! Her hand is shaking as well as she pours some water. Jess asks her how she is, but she eventually turns the complements onto Jess, saying what a beautiful young woman she has become, isn’t she beautiful Vince? He replies, “She’s gorgeous.”

Vince is studying the playbook as Calvin walks into the apartment, looking for Vince to join them on their car jacking runs. Vince says he has to concentrate, Calvin is hurt.

Jess and Landry are back from their date… with Jess’ younger brothers. The little boys head inside first, but not before they tell Landry, “Vince is gonna kick your butt!” Landry goes in to kiss Jess, but she kisses him on the cheek instead and heads inside.

“Trashcan” by Delta Spirit plays as we see mother and daughter Taylor walk around the Boston University then Boston College campus. They sit in on a class, Tami off to the side and Julie with the other students. Tami motions to Julie to answer a question, but the professor sees Tami and asks her to speak instead.

Tami remembers how Boston College was her first choice back in the day, and Julie feels pressured. In their hotel room, Julie is still down. Everything is happening so fast. Too many things happening so fast. Tami tries to encourage and comfort her at the same time.

Tami and Julie are out and about and looking for a place to eat dinner, but Julie just wants to go back to the room. Tami comes right out and says Matt leaving will be hard, but she’s got to live her life, enjoy their time and get into the school of her dreams. Julie isn’t feeling anything right now and they have an argument in the middle of the quad, Tami telling Julie to pull it together.

Next day, Julie goes in for her interview. She begins talking about how she had always wanted to leave Dillon, but now that she’s close to leaving, she has begun to appreciate how she’s been shaped by her town. “I’m surprised at how happy I am to be where I’m from.”

She meets up with Mom outside after the interview and tells her she kicked ass in the interview. They hug. Tami wants to celebrate, but Julie just wants to go home.

It’s Friday and Buddy got his radio coverage. The game is played in the rain and the Lions are playing very well. They are up 14-7 with nine seconds left in the half and Coach calls Lance in to kick a field goal. He hits it. 17-7.

In the 2nd half, the Lions end up falling to 21-17. Luke is feeling his hip. 16 seconds left. Vince hands Luke the ball, he fights through to get the touchdown. First East Dillon Lions win of the season!

Tim goes to the shop at night while Billy is working on one of the stolen cars, taking it apart. He wants in. Billy doesn’t want him involved. Episode ends with Tim and Billy working together on the car.

Episode Thoughts
A great episode that saw lots of character development from everyone.

The Jess-Landry relationship takes the next step, but it seems Jess isn’t too over whatever she had with Vince. Vince either, nor his mother. So it could be poor Landry again, but we certainly hope not. Vince’s mother also may be back on the stuff, so that will complicate things further for already-starting-to-turn-around-Vince.

The awkwardness between Luke and Becky continues. We still don’t really know what happened between them, if anything, the night of the paintballs/Riggins-kissing. Speaking of, Becky went in for another kiss this week, but this time Tim Riggins seemed to kiss back. Hmm…

And what about those Riggins bros? Another get rich quick scheme, and we know how the first one turned out. (I’m glad we will never have to see naked drug dealers on the show ever again.)

As much as Buddy was annoying when we first met him, I’ve kind of missed him this season and it really was great when he basically flipped Joe McCoy and the Panthers boosters the bird and affirmed his allegiance to probably his only friend left in Dillon.

And Julie and Tami’s trip to Boston was fun. The show kind of makes you forget there is a world outside of Dillon. We’ve only gone as far as the Texas border and then New York when Jason and Tim went on their little trip. (Oh yeah, how could I forget Mexico. Or should I forget Mexico?)

Julie saying she appreciates Dillon was a bit of a shock, but a nice shock. I think it is very interesting seeing the different feelings of people wanting to leave or stay in Dillon over the last few seasons. Should be interesting to see what Julie does.

Only a couple more episodes left!

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