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Spartacus: Blood and Sand on Starz first generated buzz thanks to its promise of graphic scenes of sex and violence and it definitely lived up to that hype in the first two episodes. But the series showed signs of potential, at the very least a nice guilty pleasure of soapy intrigue and stylized fight scenes, plus plenty of skin.

But as the first season progressed (Starz ordered a 2nd before it even premiered), what emerged was a tightly written and highly engrossing story of greed, power, love, and revenge. The series delved deeper into the characters and the story, adding much needed substance, all leading up to the incredibly thrilling finale.

The series proved to be fresh approach to the story of Spartacus which has been adapted to film and television countless times already.

And the driving force of the series is Spartacus himself, Andy Whitfield.

His presence helps boost the series, a believable gladiator and eventual leader, but with compassion and heart. As Spartacus, Whitfield was given the chance to show plenty of emotions from love of his wife to genuine friendship to anger and hatred.

Whitfield needed to be able to command the screen, but still be reserved and understated as Spartacus, through these 13 hours, builds that confidence that would lead him to the events of the finale. He excellently captured the roller coaster of emotions, through revelations and realizations and his ultimate decisions.

Definitely one of the reasons Spartacus just works and is a hit for Starz: Andy Whitfield.

20 thoughts on “For Your Emmy Consideration: Andy Whitfield

  1. A fairly newcomer, but excellent work in this series, Andy deserves this award, very hard part to play with such emotion!

  2. I love the show it was the best series out! I was a faithful watcher. I hope the show and the actors gets the recognition they deserves.

  3. Andy was such a great actor in this show…definately one of the best shows for adults on t.v at the moment!

  4. Andy Whitfield definitely deserves an Emmy. He is an excellent actor and this series is the best. All the actors were very powerful. Cant wait to see what happens to Ilithya in season two. So evil!!!!

  5. Andy Whitfield is an EXCEPTIONAL actor. If my vote counts..”Andy all the way!” I have never been invested in a television show they way I have with “Spartacus”. Kudos to all the actors and writers. You have made Friday nights a night to stay in!

  6. All the actors in are all exceptional especially lucy Lawless and the writer was something else they alldeserve the Emmy.

  7. I agree Andy is an incredible actor and the show really evolved over the course of the season from just entertainment to really good drama that had you eagerly anticipating the next espisode

  8. I absolutely love this show and indeed it works on multiple levels. Andy Whitfield does a fine job as Spartacus, but John Hannah’s excellent portrayal of Batiatus is what propelled the story to a much higher level of believability and complexity. I was very disappointed that they killed him off at the end of the 1st season, but look forward to the proposed mini-series prequel that will give him even greater opportunities to expand the role and shine. For my money, John Hannah deserves the Emmy.

    1. @b man – Don’t worry, Andy is now cancer free and has a clean bill of health! =] He’s getting ready to go back to work and they hope to start production on season 2 in a couple of months!

  9. Andy is an amazing actor. I am ready to see what other roles he will take on outside of Spartacus. I dont know how he gets into character so well, but keep on Andy. You deserve the highest honors on your acting skills.

  10. The first season was Incredible and its deserves an emmy, but the actor who really shines the most in season 1 is John Hanna.

  11. Incredible show and indeed it does deserves an emmy, but the actor who shines the most in season 1 is John Hannah as Batiatus, and this dont mean that Andy was anything less than amazing in S1.

  12. Andy Whitfield is a great discovery of an actor and a believable Spartacus, he’s also very good-looking and sexy. This show is a must for women! Also the season finale is one of the best I’ve ever seen, so riveting and intense. I can’t wait for second season.

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