For Your Emmy Consideration: Matt Bomer

USA Network has been the home of good, enjoyable, fun series. And they haven’t been a stranger to the Emmys. Tony Shalhoub has dominated the Comedy Lead Actor category for years.

But this time, the network is launching possibly the most aggressive Emmy campaign of the year. And one of those deserving is White Collar lead actor Matt Bomer.

White Collar has received much acclaim from critics and fans as a fun and exciting series about an ex-con now hired by the CIA to help catch white collar criminals.

The series mixes the action and drama with the wit and humor delivered excellently by its cast, and Bomer is one of the big reasons the show just clicks. Bomer’s charisma and presence is a huge plus. He’s the kind of guy that women want to date and men want to hang out with and that shows in his character, Neal Caffrey.

Bomer makes it look easy; turning on the charm when Neal is trying to woo a possible suspect and mellowing out when he’s thinking about the love of his life whom he’s trying to find.

The series itself also helps set Bomer apart from other Drama Lead Actor contenders as it helps show Bomer’s range, not just having him do intense drama, but having a well-rounded and fuller character.

While the material isn’t as heavy as other contenders, it doesn’t take anything away from Bomer’s spot on performance in the series’ hit first season.

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