For Your Emmy Consideration: Friday Night Lights

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose

The rallying cry of the characters, the show, and especially the fans of NBC and DirecTV’s little drama that could Friday Night Lights fits so well.

Always the underdog, though never backing down, Friday Night Lights returned with season 4 rejuvenated and refreshed. It was a new beginning for the small town of Dillon, Texas, but they didn’t skip a beat. The same realism and sincerity from the first three seasons remained with the show.

The episode the series has submitted for consideration is episode 5 of season 4, “The Son” which airs tonight (Friday, June 4) on NBC, and it is just another example and maybe the best example in a while of what makes Friday Night Lights so special.

Gut wrenching and inspirational performances from its exceptional cast bring these stories to life, continuing to make the series seem more and more like a documentary than a scripted drama series. The final scene from the episode is a particularly outstanding example of the series’ excellent writing, stellar production, and outstanding performances.

It is a crime that the series has not yet broken through to the big categories at the Emmys, despite winning prestigious Peabody and Humanitas Awards, an Emmy for casting, accolades from the American Film Institute and countless critical praise including annual nominations at the Television Critics Association Awards. In fact, just yesterday the series was again nominated for Program of the Year by the TCA.

Though the series is not a ratings powerhouse, it has and continues to be one of the best, most sincere and engaging hours on all of television.

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And look at part of the grassroots Emmy campaign for the series by the show’s fans:

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