Upfronts: Could Fox Finally Have Found a –Good– Live Action Comedy?

Fox dramas could either be really, really good or just horribly bad. Neither quality relative to ratings success for them. On the other hand, good Fox live action comedies are hard to come by. Glee an hour-long exception. , they haven’t had one in years.

With Fox’s new series, they may just find one, and their two new drama offerings couldn’t be more different from each other.

Ride-Along is another one of those gritty crime dramas that attempt to be too cable for broadcast. ABC is doing it next season, but what makes Ride-Along better is having Shawn Ryan behind it so that ups the confidence level a lot more.

Not immediately interested in Lonestar until I saw that Adrianne Palicki was one of the stars! Now I may actually watch a Fox drama. The premise is okay and definitely very soapy. And wow to Jon Voight.

Mixed Signals joins an already crowded group of relationship comedies next season. Nothing too special.

Bob’s Burgers will fit very well on Fox Sundays. The show definitely has a different look and feel and I like it.

Running Wilde‘s selling points are Keri Russell, Will Arnett, and the Arrested Development pedigree. But the clips so far are not grabbing.

Raising Hope looks to be my favorite Fox comedy coming up. Fox has not had successful live action comedies in a long time. It looks hilarious and is the kind of comedy series that tugs at your heart without being sappy.

A schedule long dependent on American Idol now shows signs of a possible Idol collapse next season and in seasons to come, so Fox’s schedule, including renewing bubble shows Lie to Me and Human Target hopes to curb the forecast.

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