It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 5.12 – The Gang Reignites the Rivalry

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Frank comes in wearing skinny jeans because they’re hip. They think they make him look sexy. The guys think it’s weird but amusing.

Dee comes in and tells them all the ban has been lifted and they are back in Flipadelphia, (Flip… Flip… Flip… Adelphia!) a citywide flip cup championship. They were banned because they were accused of poisoning their rivals, Molly’s bar down the street… which they did.

Dee says this time they’re going to jam it right up their buttholes. The three boys says they jam the buttholes, Dee will not because she choked in ’98. But she’s been practicing and wants them to give her a chance.

In the meantime, they want to throw gas into the rivalry fire and head over to their biggest rival, Molly’s Bar which to their surprise has turned into some classy restaurant. But that doesn’t stop the five of them from terrorizing every single person in the restaurant; Dee thrusting at a table, Charlie thrusting while spitting food out at the counter, Mac pretending to stab someone, Frank pouring out salt…

The owner, Art Sloane, comes out wondering what’s going on. He’s a lot different now than they remembered. He seems to have outgrown Flipadelphia, but remembers them being poisoned. This prompts Charlie to say he keeps poison in the relish jar at home in the fridge, the skull and crossbones bottle is mayonnaise and the mayo bottle is full of shampoo. So Frank has been putting shampoo on his sandwiches.

Art thinks it’s all childish, so Dennis pees on the bar counter.

Back at Paddy’s Dee is ready to show them that she has what it takes to compete but she fails. They make a deal, if she can flip 10 cups in a row under pressure, she’s back on the team, meanwhile they have to find a replacement and Dennis thinks he knows just where to find one.

He heads back to his old frat at Penn, where was “a LEGEND.” He gets there and finds his picture graffiti’d with “I chug dick.” He hears a commotion and goes to find the frat boys with Frank (!) using a hula-hoop. Dennis introduces himself, the frat boys stun gun a pledge’s nuts and then Dennis’ hand. He finds out he’s not the legend he thought he was. The frats offer Frank some “snortsky,” laugh off flip cup (so freshman!), and stun him again.

Frank: “Take a look at how loose his jeans are!” (They stun him too and Dennis out the door.)

Dee is failing at practicing when Frank and Dennis are back from recruiting.
Dennis rants about these punk frats, “stupid goddamn savages!” (“Little idiots. IDIOTS! IDIOTS!!! IDIOTS!!!!!!!”)

Mac suggests Frank and Dennis instead concentrate on getting Art Sloane to sign up for the tournament while he and Charlie have a go at the frat house. Charlie says he can go Good Will Hunting on them but stumping them with a really hard college question. Mac says just not.

They get to the frats and find there’s a paint party going on. Everyone half naked painting each other and they get distracted by two busty chicks who offer to have them paint each other with their hands.

Meanwhile, Frank and Dennis go to Art Sloane’s house. Frank is tying the dress shirts together, Dennis is nailing the shoes down to the floor as he rants some more about the disrespectful kids these days. They move on to trashing the bathroom.

Ingenious Frank prank #1: Cut the shower curtain off half way so people can see the guy’s junk while he showers.

Back at the party, Mac and Charlie are all covered in paint and the girls take their tops off so they can be painted too. As if that wasn’t enough to get the guys going already, the girls say they’re going to shower together. But that gets broken up when the two jerks from earlier come back and tell them to leave.

Ingenious Frank prank #2: Frank is doing Art’s taxes and making it so the IRS will “audit the piss out of him” next year.

Dennis tells Frank to look outside to see his creation. He uses Frank’s cigar to light a message in the grass…

Frank & Charlie are drowning their sorrows back at the bar and Dennis & Frank are back, but they don’t feel into the rivalry with Art Sloane anymore.

Dee grabs their attention and shows them she can flip 10 cups now! Now, they all want to get back at those punk frat jerks so they will challenge the frats instead.

The deal, if the frats win, they get to drink at Paddy’s forever. If the Gang wins, they get to come to the frat whenever they want.

The Gang gets pumped up. Dennis makes Dee the lead-off and Charlie the anchor. Dee promises not to let them down. They cheer and get set-up. Frank yells GO!
Dee and the first frat goes, but Dee can flip her cup. The frats finish and win.

Dee wants to challenge them one more time, but it turns out, the frats may have lost anyway. They poisoned the beer. Dee and the frats start throwing up. They expected Dee to choke so they had to resort to poisoning again.

Next day, Dee is still sick and the guys are trying to pull Frank’s skinny jeans off. Art Sloane storms into the bar and is upset because they didn’t show up at the tournament!

Art is so riled up, he wants to challenge them right now at his bar. But the Gang is over it. They say no and he slams the door on his way out.

Episode & Season Overall
Season five of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is over. First of all, it is amazing that the show has been on the air for five seasons and only now has it become a certified hit.

The season as a whole was great with some standout episodes like “The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention” and “The Waitress is Getting Married.”

The show got back to the simpler things and mostly stayed away from the too big picture kind of things that didn’t work so much the last two seasons.

And after last season’s epic season finale “The Nightman Cometh,” it’d be hard to top it this year and they didn’t. But they really weren’t trying to. It was the Gang being themselves and one-upping bigger douches than them. And that is okay.

Till next year!

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