It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 5.11 – The Gang Gets into the Movies with Crime and Penetration!

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Charlie and Mac are telling an uninterested Dennis about an ordeal they had locked in a garage stairwell where a homeless man came up to them and started talking, but it was the security guard who came to unlock them “instead.”

Dennis won’t let Frank’s greasy sausage hands touch his new phone as Dee comes into Paddy’s with the great news: she’s been cast as a “featured actress” in an M. Night Shyamalan movie. The Gang talks about all the interesting twists in an M. Night movie, Charlie pointing out that in The Sixth Sense, the twist was that all along, the guy with the hair piece was Bruce Willis the whole movie! Shyamalan is like a true to life Slumdog Millionaire! Frank offers to be her agent to squeeze every bit out of this opportunity.

Dee’s big break gives Mac and Charlie an idea though. This is their chance to write a movie and give it to M. Night Shyamalan and get it produced.

Dee goes to the set the next day and tries to get into a trailer and the orders some director dude to get her a coffee. It turns out she’s not a featured actress, she’s just a featured extra. She has no lines and will only sit in some lame tent.

Mac and Charlie are brainstorming movie ideas. Mac suggests they find the most underrated actor to resurrect his career, since that’s all the rage in Hollywood. They conclude Dolph Lungren and come up with a movie about a scientist that can smell crime before it happens while wearing a mesh t-shirt to show off the body. Charlie comes up with a “Shy-a-malan” twist where Dolph Lungren’s character is actually a dog. Mac hates it. Charlie then gets a bright idea… what if Dolph Lungren’s head is just one big giant nose!

Dee is sweating it out in the extras tent when Frank comes in with his new client, Dennis. He has a “I don’t give a shit” attitude that is perfect for Hollywood. Dee is upset when they give Dennis a part in the movie just like that. She learns though that is playing a dead corpse in the film. Mac and Charlie then arrive and they start dancing before telling them they have a pitch for their new movie.

The four guys manage to sneak into a trailer and Mac and Charlie pitch the movie, The Fifth Sense… the sense of smell. Dennis likes it, but he feels they need to make it more erotic… full penetration is needed, outrageous sexual experiments. They must show ALL OF IT. Crime … penetration… crime … full penetration. That’s basically Dennis’ idea. Frank loves it, promoting his client’s idea. But Charlie and Mac aren’t so keen on seeing Dolph Lungren’s penis.

Dennis doesn’t care either way, Mac and Charlie go to write everything down instead of keeping it all in their heads.

In the Library, Mac and Charlie decide to find someone to write for them as they are both basically illiterate. They find what they think is a young Indian kid, a young Shyamalan, but he turns out to be Pakistani. Good enough and they recruit him to help with the movie. He has some good ideas and they tell him to type it all out, but he doesn’t that stuff. He’s a big picture guy. But he does like the penetration, though hates The Fifth Sense as the title.

Dee gets made up for the movie and she is absolutely drenched in blood. She and Dennis head to the set. There are a bunch of corpses, but Dee is in the front. The director tells her face down, but she wants face up. Dennis doesn’t care.

As they are shooting, Mac calls Dennis and Dennis answers his phone. The director yells at him and then at Dee for leaning face up towards the camera.

Another take and Dee starts acting like a zombie while Dennis’ phone keeps ringing. Dee and Dennis have had it with the bossing around. Now apparently M. Night Shyamalan isn’t going to be here. Frank the agent comes to take of everything… he’s going to take both their places in the movie. He gave them a Shyamalan twist!

Mac and Charlie arrive back on set and they show Dennis their poster pitch for the movie. But Dee breaks the news at M. Night isn’t even going to be there at all. “That slumdog bastard twisted all of us!”

Dennis whips out his new touch screen phone. BAM! Shyamalan twist. He’s been writing his own movie this whole time and it is completely based on Mac and Charlie’s garage stairwell ordeal. Dennis says there’s lots of twists, including Dee not being in the movie. She leaves and Dennis wants to give the guys a taste of the script, but Frank’s greasy fingers have frozen the phone. Script gone.

Meanwhile, next take of the movie, Frank is in the scene and as the camera pans to him, he takes a bite out of his pocket sausages.

Episode Thoughts
Fun episode. The simpler premises are always enjoyable, and this was one of them. Kind of sucks though that next week is the season finale! This season went by fast, but I think it’s been the best season yet. Just nonstop laughs week after week.

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