Dennis and Mac Have a Little LQ, While Dee has Wall Cats on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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Dennis and Mac visit Dee to borrow a bowl for their movie night. Dee questions why the two are so joined at the hip, that they are codependent, kind of like an old married couple. They deny it… maybe.

Mac is anxiously waiting for Dennis to come home. When he finally walks through the door, Mac is upset Dennis wouldn’t answer his phone or reply to his texts, including a “911” text. Dennis says he was busy talking to the video store clerk guy.

He takes out the movie he rented, The Transporter 2. Mac doesn’t understand, they’re supposed to be watching Predator, like they have 30 times in the last two months. Dennis says the video store clerk guy suggested it.

Mac is now jealous of the video store clerk guy. Old married couple they are.
Dennis wants to try to avoid having conversations about body mass and the male physique.
“You’d rather have conversations with video store clerk,” Mac says.
Dennis breaks the news to Mac, he feel likes he’s “not flourishing,” that their relationship is in a rut.

Mac suggests he goes live with Charlie for a while. A police officer arrives, Mac had called in a missing person… after Dennis was gone for less than an hour.

Now separated, Dennis visits dear sister Dee. She is a little preoccupied right now because her cat is stuck in the wall. Dennis suggests opening the window, scented candles and a fan to tide her over with the dead cat smell until it decomposes. She thinks he’s useless.

Meanwhile, Mac is cleaning up Charlie and Frank’s filthy apartment. He suggests they throw garbage directly in the trash can, Charlie says he only picks up trash when he takes it out.
Frank is cutting his toenails with a steak knife. He botches it and cuts himself. He asks Charlie for some garbage on the floor to cover up the cut, Mac suggests a sock. Charlie says that’s a waste of a good sock.

“It’s working like a cut glove!”

Charlie doesn’t like all this bossing around from Mac, but Frank wants a little structure in his life so Mac being there may be a good thing.
Dennis calls and slyly asks if Mac has talked about him. Charlie thinks both of ’em are annoying, but he’ll take a movie with Dennis and Dee over Mac’s bossiness.

Dennis: “Dee! Charlie’s coming over!”
Dee: “I don’t care!”
Dennis: “Shit, yeah I don’t care either.

Dennis asks Dee if she could peel an apple for him. Mac usually does it for him because Mac says apple’s skins have a lot of toxins in them and are bad. Dee tells him to do it himself… then to just eat it with the skin on.

“I’m not allowed to eat it with the skin. I’M NOT ALLOWED!”[/freakout]

Dee goes to peel an apple just so Dennis will stop and Charlie arrives, Cheeto bag in hand. Dee and Dennis fill him in on the wall cats and the movie, but Charlie is more interested in the wall cats.

“You’re putting Cheeto fingers all over the wall!”
Charlie thinks he’s got a good plan and has figure out how the cat got in there in the first place.
Charlie: “I’ve seen this before, you know what happened? It flattened itself out, went right through a seam in your wall.”
Dee: “I don’t think there’s anything in the laws of nature that would support that.”
Charlie: “Cats do not abide by the laws of nature. You don’t know shit about cats.”

“It made a conscious decision to go in your wall. It chose to be in there, it wants to be in your wall.”
Charlie suggests another cat, he’ll tie a string around it, put it into the wall, have the cats become codependent, then yank that cat out of there and the other will follow. Where will they get another cat, Dee asks. Charlie says 10 cats followed him over there tonight, they’ve been following him a lot lately.
Dennis is getting fidgety, he wants to start the movie, but not without his friends! Dee and Charlie share the eyerolls.

Meanwhile, Frank happily arrives with groceries, this time no cat food that Charlie likes so much.

Frank: “I bumped into that guy from the video store.”
Mac: “Beefcake?”
Frank: “Total jerkoff!”
Mac: “Whew, nice.”

“Wow! This place is tits!” Frank exclaims. He loves the clean apartment. He begins eating an unskinned apple and Mac freaks out and tells him about the toxins. Frank spits out the apple.

Mac cleaned out the closet and says they can put another mattress in there, no more of Charlie and Frank sleeping together on the sofa bed. Frank kinda likes that arrangement though.

Frank begins peeling the apple with his toe knife.
Mac: “What are you doing now dude?”
Frank: “Well, I’m taking the toxic skin off!”
Mac throws the knife out. Frank can’t take the sofa plastic, new sleeping arrangements, and the toe knife… his head is swimming, so he goes out for a walk.

Back at Dee’s, Dennis is watching the movie and Charlie arrives with the string-tied cat, a CALICO CAT! He inserts the cat and they hear a squabble. Charlie yanks the string, now two cats in the wall. Dee suggests they get a bird.

Dennis comes and tells them he’s swallowed apple seeds. He thinks they are poisonous and asks if he should throw them up. Charlie agrees. Dennis runs to the bathroom just as Frank arrives.

Frank and Charlie reunite, THE GRUESOME TWOSOME!
They bump stomachs or crotches, I’m not really sure. They suggest 3 or 4 cats, Dee can’t take it anymore. She will bring Dennis and Mac back together.

Mac is at a fancy restaurant, dressed nicely when suddenly Dee comes in with Dennis. She set them up, telling both of them they had a date with a giant breasted woman. She just wants them to kiss and make up.

Mac throws water on Dennis, Dennis on Mac. Dee doesn’t care, as long as they make up and never come to her apartment again. She leaves the two alone and they play hard to get with each other, telling them about each other’s time apart until they eventually do make up. (I was expecting a hug or kiss or something.)

They conclude Mac is a man of action and Dennis is a man of… coming up with good words. They make the perfect duo. Sidekicks!

Back to the wall cats situation, Dee comes back with a bird on a string. Her apartment is crawling with cats and Charlie and Frank have already thrown in a couple more cats into the wall. Dee tries the bird, but the cats eat it without her being able to pull them out. She’s had it, she knocks a hole in the wall big enough for her to get through (Frank: “Go Deandra!”).

She’s in there, but gets stuck herself. Dennis and Mac text the gruesome twosome about watching Predator together, they’d like to, so they leave Dee in the wall. “That’s why you should have friends,” they say.

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