Power Rangers RPM Recaps Update

Hey everyone!
Sorry about the looong delay in RPM recaps. I’ll be working on them in the next month, but rest assured the recaps for the entire season will be complete and up to date before the final four episodes which will air Saturdays, December 19 and 26. Big dates indeed, for RPM and for the franchise as a whole!

Thanks for your patience!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Episode 5.06: The World Series Defense

Miss this week’s episode? Download “The World Series Defense” now on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Season 5

Now, this week’s episode may not have had me rolling on the floor as much as the last few weeks, but it was still hilarious in its own way.

One refreshing thing about the episode that I’ve missed is the Gang all united, not leaving each other behind or throwing each other to the gutter, but actually working together and having fun together. I guess only the Phillies in the World Series can do that.

So the set up, Dennis accumulated more than a thousand dollars worth of parking tickets last year. Well, the Gang has a very… detailed explanation of why that happened.

It all started on October 28, 2008… the day of Game 5 of the 2008 World Series. The Gang is in the bar getting ready to head over to Continue reading

Thursday Quick Cuts – The Office, FlashForward, Survivor, 30 Rock

John Cho and Barry Shabaka Henley
So this week wasn’t very mythology heavy, which resulted in it being less interesting. The most interesting part? John Cho and Barry Shabaka Henley singing karaoke, and the gratuitous gunfight/explosion scene at the end. Otherwise, a slow episode.

Miss the episode? Or need to catch it again? Download “Gimme Some Truth” now on FlashForward - FlashForward, Season 1

The Office

Crazy episode! If only because it was a Michael/Pam throwdown the entire time. It is great seeing the Michael/Jim relationship completely changed now that they are co-managers. I hope that continues. I may be one of the few people who thought Pam was overreacting. She was, right? But then again, Michael’s never been my boss so I guess we don’t know how it feels to be in her shoes?

But it did set up some awesome confrontations, did it not? Bravo to Steve Carell and Jenna Fischer.
Other choice moments… Continue reading