Fox’s Glee – Fresh, Hilarious, Thoroughly Enjoyable

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My favorite of the week has to be the “minority” side of glee’s take on “Hate on Me” by the amazing Jill Scott.
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When Glee first had its “sneak preview” last May after American Idol, I had mixed feelings. It was fun, funny, and the music was great. But I felt like there wasn’t enough character development to make the viewer feel connected to anyone. Everything seemed too plot driven.

And so far now in its regular series run, the show still steers too much in the plot-driven direction, but we’ve been able to get a better feel for the characters, albeit in small doses.

The musical numbers are awesome, the comedy is always funny, and the heart moments are definitely there, but the characters still take a back seat to the music and the plot.

Probably my only criticism of the show is the lack of character development. What do we really know about Finn or Rachel? It’s like we’re only scratching the surface of the glee members, there is so much potential there.

Otherwise, Glee is fresh, hilarious, and thoroughly enjoyable. This week’s episode “Throwdown” was probably the best yet. The episode gave Jane Lynch a strong Emmy tape and proves what luck the show has to have her as a series regular.

So after seven episodes, Glee is a solid new series, and one of the best Fox has premiered in years. Not perfect, but has lots of room to grow and build upon an already strong foundation.

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