FlashForward – Stick With It

When a show like FlashForward comes along, or Lost, or Heroes, there is a requirement for both the viewers and for the show.

For the viewers, there must be a commitment. A commitment to stick with the show, stick with the mythology, be there every step of the way to have a fuller more enjoyable viewing experience.

For the show, they must give something to feed our appetite for answers every week. FlashForward is a show based on questions… What the hell happened? Who the hell is behind what happened? What the hell is going to happen?

After three weeks, the final moments of each FlashForward episode have given that small taste. Small enough to keep us going until April 29, 2010, but enough to keep us from getting frustrated.

In the mean time, we get to know more about the characters and maybe be able to piece together ourselves what their 137 seconds really mean.

Unlike other series in a similar mindset as FlashForward, we have a date to anticipate, one episode to really look forward to. Will we get answers on April 29th?

So far, they are feeding us just enough to keep us around.
And John Cho and Gabrielle Union are good reasons to stick with the show as well.

2 thoughts on “FlashForward – Stick With It

  1. I agree with you, they are giving us small things at the end of each episode to make you tune in the following week. As we want answers, and to know if we are right in our guesses.

  2. OMG.. wait is that an asian american guy hooking up on… TV! Wow. This is the biggest thing to happen since Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers. Great site BTW.

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