For Your Emmy Consideration: The Amazing Race

Everyone is waiting for the year when the Emmys will get tired of giving CBS’ The Amazing Race the award for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program (an award the show has won since its creation in 2003), but how can they not?

What other show takes viewers and contestants to a different international destination every week? What other reality show immerses us into different cultures? What other show has a thrilling real life adventures every week? What other show involves crews of people traveling all over the world capturing every moment?

The Amazing Race seems incomparable to other shows that are stationary, or even based solely on American soil.

The Amazing Race has the drama, the comedy, the action, the culture, the travel, not to mention the amazing cinematography highlighting the beautiful destinations. It has almost everything one could ever dream of in a television program.

It’s scope and execution alone put the series a cut above the rest. And even the teams on the Race agree, the $1 million prize at the end is just icing on top of an already delicious cake that was their around the world journey. And audiences are always a part of that journey.

Seeing the teams grow through the Race, their relationships with other contestants and each other, complete with host Phil Keoghan guiding all along the way.

Many have said the show’s Emmy wins are getting old and that it is time for someone else to be honored.

But aren’t the Emmys supposed to honor the best in television? Is it The Amazing Race’s fault that it continues to be the best year after year? Season after season?

Should a student that receives the highest grades every year be denied an end of the year award because it’s getting old? Should a sports team be disqualified from the championship game because they’ve already won 4 in a row?

The Amazing Race has managed to churn out outstanding television every year, and even when it slips, it still tops even the best of the rest.

So this year, after two more great seasons, The Amazing Race more than deserves to get that 7th Emmy award.

For Your Emmy Consideration – Outstanding Reality-Competition Program
Executive Producers Betram Van Munster, Elise Doganieri, and Jerry Bruckheimer

Outstanding Host for Reality or Reality-Competition Program

Videos from six seasons at
Clips of The Amazing Race on CBS’ YouTube channel
Full episodes available on The Amazing Race

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