For Your Emmy Consideration: Kings

NBC’s Kings.
This is a series that should be huge. A watercooler series the likes of Lost and season 1 of Heroes. Prestigious and smart like Battlestar Galactica. Combine those qualities and it shouldn’t be dying a slow death this Summer.

Kings isn’t so much a re-imagining of the classic Bible story (at least not in the same vein as SciFi’s re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica or Wizard of Oz to Tin Man), but really Kings is inspired by the Bible story, really just a now timeless tale of the underdog.

The series of course goes deeper than that. It is a sprawling epic drama of government, power, family, romance that draws upon its biblical inspiration, though not in a way that should turn off anyone on either side of religion.

In fact, Kings manages to weave these stories into situations and events that anyone can relate to. From interpersonal relationships to the greater issues of today’s society, the series becomes topical and relevant.

Kings very much harkens back to the “epic” miniseries the broadcast networks used to churn out regularly. The grand scale that Kings operates on is unique to today’s television, matched only by Showtime’s The Tudors but in a completely different way.

We are introduced to an alternate universe, really, one that imagines America as a monarchy. Even if it isn’t exactly the US, it presents a “What if?” a hypothetical world where the country is governed by divine rule.

It is an intriguing prospect and Kings mixes religion, mythology, and the real world into one engrossing drama. High emotion, light touches, the show is a ride you want to be on.

Ian McShane is a powerhouse. First leaving his mark on American audiences in Deadwood, now leaving a mark as the King of Gilboa on Kings. His performance is incredible that it is a shame it may get overlooked by award giving bodies.

Kings may not live longer than 13 episodes, but it certainly will not go away.

The Emmys, created to honor the best in television. This season, Kings was one of the best hours of drama.

Beautifully shot, outstandingly acted, excellently written, thoroughly engaging, Kings for your kind consideration.

For Your Emmy Consideration – Outstanding Drama Series
Executive Producers Michael Green, Francis Lawrence, Erwin Stoff

IAN MCSHANE Outstanding Lead Actor
DYLAN BAKER Outstanding Supporting Actor
CHRIS EGAN Outstanding Supporting Actor
SEBASTIAN STAN Outstanding Supporting Actor
WES STUDI Outstanding Supporting Actor
EAMONN WALKER Outstanding Supporting Actor
ALLISON MILLER Outstanding Supporting Actress
SUSANNA THOMPSON Outstanding Supporting Actress
BRIAN COX Outstanding Guest Actress
MCCAULAY CULKIN Outstanding Guest Actress
BECKY ANN BAKER Outstanding Guest Actress

full episodes on Hulu and
Full episodes also available on Kings

8 thoughts on “For Your Emmy Consideration: Kings

  1. I wholeheartedly agree that the Emmys should consider Kings, especially the ferociously talented Ian McShane, and the amazing production values and photography.

    1. Yeah, Ian McShane is just amazing. It’s a shame he’ll probably be passed over. But I’m sure Kings will be getting some technical noms. The series just looks beautiful.

  2. Kings rulls definately! It’s the best Tv Show that I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them( Lost, Prison Break, Scrubs,Heroes, How I met your mother, Friends, One Tree Hill and all that jazz). Of course, that I can’t just mix them up, some ar comedies, some are dramas.. but at one moment I’ve realized they tackle the same issues and that’s kind of boring.. so Kings is original!Is it true that it is going to be canceled or something..? I don’t want it to be canceled!!

  3. Yes, unfortunately, it has been cancelled. 🙁
    Which is a shame isn’t it? A show like Kings really deserve to succeed. We need more show like it, but so goes the TV business I guess.

  4. Kings is one of my favorite shows on TV which is why I’m so bummed that after the 13 episode run there won’t be anymore to watch. I don’t think the original Sunday timeslot was any help to the show getting started. At the very least I got hooked. I’m going to cross my fingers and wish really hard that this show gets picked up by someone else.

  5. I cannot put into words how upset I am that this series is canceled. For one, it’s a gorgeous show! The sets and costumes are incredible. The dialogue is great and the story is amazing. And the acting? TOP NOTCH. Not only am I impressed by Ian McShane, I also find Sebastian Stan to be a surprisingly talented young actor as well. This show will surely be missed. It had such potential, if only it had been advertised a little more.

  6. Yeah, I think NBC dropped the ball in getting people aware of the show. And these days, letting a show grow is not something networks are concerned with anymore 🙁

    Episode 13 is supposed to wrap up some major storylines apparently so once the DVD is out in September, we’ll at the very least have a complete series to enjoy.

  7. Maybe I’ll just consider it a mini-series. Just to make myself feel better. I mean, it already has that big mini-series feel to it.

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