Kings 1×06: Judgement Day

So it seems the show really is dead. NBC has yanked the series from its line-up and has announced the series will return to finish out its run beginning in June. Yeah, sure. They might as well rush the DVD now and be done with it. Why still air the episodes?

Truth be told, this is not a surprise, but still very depressing to see good TV get shot down.

Anyway, back to the recap of what could possibly be the last broadcast episode of the series…

So it is Judgment Day in Gilboa. Apparently, Judgment Day is I think a few days of celebration where 10 court cases are chosen and the King himself will preside over them and make a decision. When they’re all done, fireworks.

It seems many petition, but only that special ten get the lucky (or maybe unlucky?) chance to go before the King in what seems to be very ceremonial more than a serious legal proceeding.

The episode starts with a scene that definitely isn’t for the 8pm hour in which Silas is fantasizing about Helen while with Queen Rose.

Then we cut to him at the announcement of the chosen cases with a crowd of people each holding orange envelopes. His speech to the crowd is interspersed with the verdict in Ethan’s case where he is charged with a long list of crimes, not the least of which being treason.

He is eventually found guilty on all counts and he is taken away, pending his sentence. David’s mother and brothers leave the courtroom, still wanting nothing to do with him. Regardless, David vows to do whatever he can.

He tries to get to the King, but he can only see Michelle who promises to help him.

With Judgment Day underway, David makes his way into the “boardroom” and it is perfect timing as this provides Silas an opportunity to give David a medal of valor for his part in stopping the uprising at Port Prosperity. David pleads with Silas, but the King won’t do it even for him.

Outside, Jack wants to help David. He takes him to a smaller courtroom where Katrina Ghent (guest star Leslie Bibb), now the Minister of Information is heading a panel deliberating cases to fill a now vacated 10th spot on the roster for Judgment Day.

David is surprised to see Michelle there lobbying for her healthcare bill. When he talks to her outside, she feels remorse.

Later, David visits Ethan in jail. Ethan tells him that he’s already been saved, by God and that he doesn’t need his brother’s help.

Michelle confronts Jack (whom we learn are actually twins, with Michelle being the older one) about intentionally toying with David and his brother’s case. He tells her he’s doing this because he wants to save himself, he is fighting for his “right to exist.” And another bomb dropped…“You can not produce an heir…”

Jack says he sees how she and “your father” look at David. One instant and she and David could become King and Queen. He will not let that happen.

Silas goes to see the old King. They share a meal and have a profound discussion on the life of a King.
“What did I ever do to God?” Silas asks.
The old King replies “You asked to be King.”

The next case is heard and it is of the Doctor of his little boy. He has turned himself in for a hit and run case from years ago. Helen, the King’s Serenity, serves as a character witness in support of the Doctor.

Michelle tells David that Katrina will push his brother’s case to be the replacement only if he goes into the press room and denounces the King. David doesn’t understand why she would want that, but thinks about it.

He goes into the press room, but doesn’t do it. “Who knows the difference between what is right and what is expedient.”

Jack orders Katrina to tell the court to give Ethan the full punishment.

David tells Michelle he can’t do it, he can’t stoop to the under the table type of politics. He takes his medal off and puts it in one of the many scattered orange envelopes from Judgment Day.

Meanwhile, we meet Andrew (guest star Macaulay Culkin), the un-exiled son of brother-in-law dearest. They have dinner at the manor with Silas asking the Queen why they pardoned him in the first place. She reassures him.
Later, finds a woman’s high heel in a bag in Andrew’s room. What is that supposed to mean?

At the sentencing, the court sentences Ethan to death, to be carried out at the gallows tomorrow morning. David, sitting alone, is distraught.

The final case is heard, and Michelle’s bill is finally made into law. But she isn’t completely happy. Silas realizes why.
Judgment Day is over and fireworks light the sky.

In an empty room, Jack walks into an empty room with Katrina alone. She questions his actions. He says David will not stay, he will be rid of him.
“Only at the cost of tar on your soul.”
“Don’t you worry about my immortal soul. It’;s been starved. Maybe you want to feed it or lecture me sternly somewhere private.”
Seemingly disgusted, she gets up with a caress of his face and walks away. He stops her, “You of all people? Judging me?” She replies, “That can’t feel good when someone like me won’t have you.”

Klotz and Boyden are cleaning up the envelopes and Katrina finds one that falls off of their cart. It is the envelope with David’s medal. She takes it to Silas in the boardroom.

She says she had looked for all the trappings position could provide, but she saw how someone had all of that, but turned it down, placing the medal on the table.

Jack gets dropped off at his penthouse. His driver says he’s about to call it a night as well, but Jack says it doesn’t have to end just yet.
“It’s good to know I have someone I can trust,” he adds and walks into the building leaving with a sneaky smile.
The driver seems to have some sort of change of heart and follows Jack inside.

Silas calls for David and he arrives. Silas tells David that Ethan has been moved to a minimum security prison to serve out a 6 month sentence if he learns to keep his mouth shut. He puts the medal back on David.
David hugs the King who seems to be taken aback.

“I wasn’t sure about God. How He deals with any of us. Now I see, God works through you.”

In David’s apartment, he happily tells him Mom the news.
At the door is Michelle. She tells him she owes him the truth. She admits they have “moments” much to David’s relief who thought she didn’t feel the same.
But she can’t ever be with him. She swore… she’s promised to someone else.

Michelle apologizes and leaves.

Another very strong episode. We continue to learn a lot about the characters. The show’s pacing set with the backdrop of the Kingdom’s structure helps us slowly, but surely ease into this unfamiliar world.

I do feel the acting is strong. While Ian McShane keeps his performance effortless, the rest of the cast each fit their characters well enough for what we have learned so far.

And as always the show continues to be visually amazing.

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