Early Fall TV P/Review: ABC’s TRAVELER

There seems to be a wealth of fugitive/missing persons shows on primetime this season, joining the already established hit Prison Break are the new dramas Runaway (CW), Kidnapped (NBC), and Vanished (Fox). However, the best of the new additions to the genre isn’t even going to premiere in the Fall.

ABC’s Traveler is easily one of the most exciting and well paced new dramas this upcoming season. Scheduled for midseason, Traveler tells the story of three college buddies, Jay, Tyler, and Will, embarking on a cross country road trip. “They are about to depart on a summer trip when a simple prank to rollerblade through one of New York City’s most famous museums makes Jay and Tyler prime suspects in a terrorist bombing that destroys the museum seconds later.” Will soon turns up missing, and they fear him dead.

The series goes beyond its seemingly simple premise to present a real nonstop thriller. The look and feel of the show has a certain cinematic feel that few on network television can achieve. Traveler is definitely one of the most promising new shows of the new season. It is unfortunate that it will be coming

Traveler will premiere midseason on ABC

Coming Tuesday: CBS’ Jericho

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