Early Fall TV P/Review: CBS’ JERICHO

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CBS tried its hand at its first big, high-concept serialized drama in years last season with Threshold. While it didn’t catch on with viewers, the network tries again with Jericho. The series centers around Jake Green who returns home to Jericho, Kansas after what seems to be a few years away. He plans on staying only a day, but an unexpected event changes everything, not only for him, but for this entire town.

A mushroom cloud is seen on the horizon. Communication to anywhere outside of Jericho is lost, and darkness falls as power is out in the entire town. A school bus full of children goes missing, as the uncertainty sets in for the residents. The town slowly starts to panic, while the mayor (who is Jake’s father) struggles to keep everything in control.

Jericho effectively captures the rush and mix of emotions that would be caused by the unexpected event of a nuclear explosion. The show includes many very emotional and touching moments, while also emphasizing the intriguing premise of a town disconnected from the entire world.

Jericho lacked something in the pilot, but it did set up the series very well and one can easily see the potential.

Jericho airs Wednesdays at 8:00PM/7:00c on CBS. Series Premiere: Wednesday, September 20th

Coming tomorrow: Short previews/reviews of several shows

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