Flashback Recap: The Amazing Race 6, Episode 7 – “One of you… I’m going to break in half.”

No new AMAZING RACE tonight, so here’s one from one of the best episodes in TAR history… the historic 2nd part of the first ever double leg… and of course that bowl of tabasco sauce they had to eat in the ROAD BLOCK… lol… Also, quotes from episode 5…


Well we got our mega leg… and first off I have to say… TAR6 has officially tied TAR3 as the best season of TAR ever… And we’re only halfway through the season…

Okay… Lori & Bolo caught up and are now in 1st place… It was hilarious the way they just easily drank the blood… That labyrinth was freaky… (By the way, the AOL sn they used to get their e-mail was loribolar6 and the sender was Routemarkerar6 lol)… that day was also August 25th…

Anyway… intense stuff at the Rail Museum… I never saw a scramble like that for numbers ever on TAR… Freddy… woah, someone was drinking that morning… what an asshole… even Jonathan was telling him to calm down, now when that happens you know you’re going overboard… loved Bolo making fun of him… anyway… how disgusting, but freakin’ hilarious was him throwing up into his soup, then eating it again… lol… it made Kendra cry… lol… She was the one who made him throw up… she made him look at the throw up on the floor

I love Jon & Kris… what a perfect DETOUR for Jon… he plays Water Polo… but the teams easily scored goals, I thought the players were suppose to be really good… Anyway… they are my favorite team of all time now… lol, first Jon commented on how hot Kris looked and now she did the same for him… why not, they really are… What can you not like about them… I felt bad for Jon though, he was about to cry… lol… Another funny moment when he was telling the chef to put a little less spice next time… “Just tone it down a little crack next time.” … in the car “… “Between the bowl of tabasco sauce and the screeching violins… it was like a torturous project.”

That ROAD BLOCK ranks up there as one of the most memorable (swimming in a frozen lake in your underwear… the masks…) Heron & Aiden… oops I mean Aaron & Hayden… As soon as Victoria starts upchucking, there goes Aaron… and then that music, what the hell… that was just chaos at the restaurant… That was a great scene in the restaurant with the three teams… I was surprised at Rebecca… but then she threw up outside… Jonathan is screaming at Victoria in the restaurant (“You can’t do this drama queen”) and then in the car he’s all like “I’m sorry I made you do that” oh man… AMAZING stuff… Victoria looked horrible afterward…

I want to ride a Finnicular (Finniculi, finnicular?)… they look cool… I thought F & K were going to be eliminated… sad that Gus & Hera were eliminated… I really liked them…


NEXT WEEK: During a Roadblock, Teams go barefoot to complete a task popularized by Lucille Ball.
So they get to make wine with their feet and then get attacked by a crazy Italian woman who they get into a grapefight with…. lol WOW, my two favorite shows of all time together I LOVE LUCY and THE AMAZING RACE


Mary Jean: “I just looked in the mirror, I look 40 years older than when we left.”

Bolo: “Just be quiet, mouth”

Hayden: “Just becuase you’re 5’5″ and on steroids…”

Jonathan: “You gotta have an appreciation for the people who make Mercedes”

Hera: “That is the perfect example of why running too fast is bad”

Taxi driver: “You need a fast taxi, ya?”

Mary Jean: “We’ve got to be missing something, big time, major”

Don: “I’ve always wanted to make sausage”

Victoria: “Leave me alone.”

Jonathan: “I never promised to leave you alone. That’s why I married you.”

Bolo: “Why you gotta be a bitch?”

Hera: “We have to find our pictures… Hera? Black people?”

Rebecca: “Pay attention!”
Adam: “Oohh, I’m paying attention”

Hera: “I don’t think you’re allowed to drink it Daddy”

Adam: “Ewe. he’s eating it.”

Hera: “You’re looking like a freakin’ wash!”

Gus: “Its good beer”

Hera: “You’ve got a problem”
Gus: “I woud’ve liked to stay a little while longer, that was excellent beer”

Hera: “I would’ve liked it better if my Dad was listening to me.”

Rebecca: “Push, push, a little more”
Adam: “I WANT MORE than 7 inches… Can I get one of these for my home?”

Adam: “I’m surprised Jonathan isn’t here, he’s the biggest weiner of them all”

Don: “Go ahead, and push it in nice and slow”

Mary Jean: “I’m pushing as hard as I can”

Mary Jean: “We were going ‘7 inches, 7 inches’… My God, 7 inches is really big!”

Mary Jean:”I love when you drive like a madman”





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