american dreams: the fourth season

TVGuide’s Michael Ausielo talked with American Dreams executive producer Jonathan Prince and learned what would have happened on what would have been the show’s 4th season:

J.J. and Beth: “I was going to send J.J. to Berkeley to get his sister back and, while there, get exposed to a lot of the antiwar stuff,” says series creator Jonathan Prince. “He would eventually come home and work harder on the space program. And Beth was going to go back to school to get her degree.”

Meg and Sam: “Everybody wanted them to be together, which is why I think they couldn’t,” says Prince. “I was going to give Sam a really serious girlfriend.” Meg, meanwhile, would have fallen for Joey Lawrence’s Bandstand successor, “a guy who seemed superficial on the top and ended up being deeper than that. That’s who she would have ended up with. A local guy. The least likely guy you’d figure.”

Helen and Jack: Helen was going to get busted for helping potential draftees slip off to Canada, leading to a rift between her and Jack. “They would have separated,” says Prince. “But, obviously, they would have gotten back together.

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