First Impression Review: NBC’s The Apprentice Martha Stewart + ABC’s Lost Season 2, Invasion and NBC’s E-Ring

By LJDBYou just don’t fit in.

And with those words, the first contestant was sent packing by Martha Stewart. Her gentler, nicer, and more colorful version of The Apprentice began last night. Though there weren’t any big surprises or twists, The Apprentice: Martha Stewart delivered.

Martha’s version will of course be compared to Donald’s. And much of the series is the same: two teams, one task, one team wins, one team goes to the board room (or in Martha’s case, the conference room) and one person is eliminated from the competition.

The conference room, the catchphrase, and Martha’s niceness are really the only major differences between the two Apprentices. That is one reason why NBC definitely made an odd decision to have “Martha Wednesdays” and “Trump Thursdays.” This kind of overload could spell trouble for the franchise.

But the contrasting personalities of Martha and the Donald should be able to distinguish the two Apprentice series.

Other than probably 5 contestants, the new Apprentice hopefuls weren’t really focused on. We did not learn much about any of them other than Bethanny and Martha’s version of George, a cigar holding Jim, already know each other. Hmm…

The tasks should illustrate Martha’s vision, both personally and the vision of her company. Last night’s book writing task was simple, yet the “Matchstick” team (who are supposedly creative) managed to create drama over adapting “Hansel and Gretel.”

Though Martha’s Apprentice wasn’t a ratings smash last night, its future is still bright.

The Apprentice: Martha Stewart is definitely “a good thing.”

Wednesdays at 8PM, NBC/KNTV 11 (Cable 3)

They showed that the Emmy was well deserved last night. Thrilling, a little Alias-esque at the beginning… and even more mystery…. Lost is back!

Image from LOST
Wednesdays at 9PM on ABC/KGO 7

Everyone said it was the best new drama of the season. Umm… how? After the “Lost” roller coaster, “Invasion” seemed slow, boring, and uneventful. The twists weren’t surprising and the story doesn’t seem gripping or interesting at all. “Invasion” was actually worse than “Threshold.” At least “Threshold” had an element of excitement.

Image from INVASION
Wednesdays at 10PM on ABC/KGO 7

What should be a gripping military drama is just a boring imitation of real-life situations. It was slow and not well-produced. It has a great premise, but Jerry Bruckheimer’s magic touch just didn’t help in the premiere episode.

Image from E-RING
Wednesdays at 9:00PM on NBC/KNTV 11 (Cable 3)

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