The Amazing Race 3 = EXCELLENT

YAY! Peter Manfredo, Jr. is in the Championship fight…. man I wish I could be in Las Vegas for the Finale, but $100 a ticket!! geez… great fight tonight anyway… Hmm… I’m thinking Sergio Mora will win next week… so it will be Manfredo-Mora in the finale… hopefully… then Manfredo wins…
Come Emmy time… I still know TAR will win… but if they submitted only TAR7 episodes, then they don’t deserve it, give it to the Contender…

For the last 4 years, the Bay to Breakers has been KRON4’s chance and all the KRON4 personalities’ chance to go crazy and do whatever… They had to cut away when Tom Sinkovitz was interviewing some vaginas…
And tonight is the special tribute to GARY RADNICH’s 20 Years on KRON4… congrats to him… definitely the best in the Bay Area…
And congrats to the SH Varsity Baseball team… seeded #9 in CCS… too bad they meet #1 seed Los Gatos in the 2nd round…

I watched THE AMAZING RACE 3 and I was just in awe of how excellent that season was… The Detours and Road Blocks were perfect… and of course the quotes…
Teri: “My pants are falling down!”
Ian: “I think this is more important than your pants falling down'”
Teri: “Oh you think so?”
Ian: “Yeah I think so… you’re not modest”

Gerard: “We should abort… mission abort! mission abort! mission abort!”

Ian: “Watch your crotch!”

Ian: “Hump baby! Hump!”

lol… classic TAR… I can’t wait for the season 1 DVD in September… AUDIO COMMENTARY!!! yay!

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