2005 Fall Upfronts – NBC

Well, NBC presented their fall schedule today… and considering how bad they are doing now, their new shows overall are pretty weak.

-NBC renewed The Office… probably the best comedy on TV right now…
Fathom They picked up probably their biggest buzz-worthy pilot. I think NBC is kicking itself for not picking up Eden last season which was basically Lost except with a shipwreck instead of a plane crash.

-NBC cancelled American Dreams… what a crappy ending to a great series…
The Contender was cancelled… One of NBC’s best shows period, and they get rid of it for crap…
-Two Apprentices… They scheduled The Apprentice: Martha Stewart on Wednesdays at 8PM, meaning there will be TWO Apprentice series on TV at the same time. It would’ve been better to have Martha and Trump alternate on Thursdays at 9PM.
-That would’ve opened up another timeslot for another SCRIPTED show.
-They only picked up 4 scripted series for Fall and most of them are pretty generic and boring. Only Fathom has the possibility for big buzz, but it could get labeled as a Lost clone. Instead of picking up more scripted shows, they scheduled the return of The Biggest Loser…

-And they have another reality show in the hopes of cashing in on the “feel good” genre like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition… “Three Wishes”/// whatever

The West Wing moves to Sundays
Law & Order: Trial By Jury is cancelled

CONCLUSION: NBC is probably not going to get itself out of 4th place anytime soon…

I’m looking forward to The WB’s Supernatural


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