Recap: The Amazing Race 7, Episode 8 – “There’s like donkey crap all over the place.”


All right… we have another double leg… yay! People may complain about the To be continued at the end of the episode but I love it… It makes the episode more exciting and eliminates a non-elimination leg… which in turn keeps Meredith & Gretchen from losing everything AGAIN… I was so worried becuase I was expecting this to be a non-elim… so YAY FOR MEREDITH & GRETCHEN! lol how sweet was it when everyone was applauding them and asking for their autogrpahs… forget RombuhM&G are the celebrities!! And them shopping for a backpack… lol “Do you give a senior citizen’s discount?” “No” lol, how mean of the guy…lol

Speaking of Rob & Amber… they were not as annoying this week… and it was so great seeing them and Phil’s little smirk when he said that the leg wasn’t over yet… they are definitely not going to win… The ticket agent was soo funny when Rob told her not to help the other teams… her facial expression was like “you’re such an a$$hole”… lol

I’m starting to like Lynn & Alex more now… Uchenna & Joyce too… and I’m starting to like Ron & Kelly less… However I didn’t really like how Lynn & Alex were helping M&G just so they could easily beat them in the final…

I don’t think a YIELD would have mattered in this leg… I can’t believe they had another “luck” ROAD BLOCK… at least there wasn’t another Lena & Kristy disaster, althought it almost was like that with Gretchen… Another shade of TAR6 was the DETOUR where they had to deliver tea… it was like the famous “Brahaus Spandau” DETOUR where Gus got drunk… lol…

TAR has been to India on every season but two I think (TAR6 and another one)… how about going back to the Philippines? I doubt they’re going to bring the stupid families to the PI… stupid Family edition…


Meredith: “We’re all on the same flight, now we don’t want to break a hip”

Amber: “Watch out for the cows”

Ron: “There’s like donkey crap all over the place.”

Alex: “Ow, my butt hurts.”

Tea Owner: “Oh you look all tired sir”

Gretchen: “Oh shame on you for taking the tea”

Meredith: “He wanted tea too bad”


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