Reality Fear Factor, American Idol, Krystala, OK vs Texas

I hate Fear Factor… its basically TV scum… it was fun when it first premiere, but its been a long time… However, I have watch a few episodes over the last couple of years including the Celebrity edition with Days of our Lives‘ Alison Sweeney (she should’ve won)… anyway… tonight is one of those few times that I will ever watch the show…
It was a special reality stars edition and American Idol’s own Nikki McKibbin was a part of it… I love Nikki, she should’ve made it to the final 2 with Kelly instead of Justin (ewe)… she was definitely my #2 in season 1… anyway… she kicked a$$ tonight, she was pretty tough… but The Apprentice’s Omarosa was just so rude and disrespectful, even if she is just putting on a show… I thought she was hilarious on the Apprentice, but tonight she was so annoying… Reichen Lemkuhl, winner of THE AMAZING RACE 4, failed to represent the best of reality tv… he choked in the 2nd task, geez… I hated him and Chip in TAR4, but I was rooting for him tonight… Also on were Bachelorette husband Ryan, and Suvivor Winners Jenna and Ethan… they were annoying too, but not as annoying as Joe Rogan… ugh…

Umm… I saw half of Anthony Federov’s performance and half of annoying rocker and half of the scary guy… I don’t really care anymore…

I maybe saw 5 minutes of it last Summer, but I switched over to it during Fear Factor commercials and I never realized that that girl from Phil of the Future is on… Debbie Burwick, I don’t know her real name, Panabacker or something like that… and Alias‘ Merrin Dungey, I miss her on Alias… darn Sloane for having her killed… and then making her evil… though Evil Francie and Syndey’s last fight was awesome, I was like “WOAH!”

The ABS-CBN/TFC Superserye chugs on as they get some really really bad “Korean” actor to play Kim’s (Sandara Park) father… he made Sandara look like a good actress… lol… Hero was okay… and that little kid from SCQ… he’s got a part on the network’s top show and the winner of SCQ is where? lol

AARGH! Darn Longhorns… they could’ve at least made it close… well, it was a game like tonight that makes you remember last year’s team… especially the magic three-pointers of Boddicker that won a couple close ones… At least they’ll still be in the Tournament, no hopes for a Big 12 Title 🙁

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