Recap: The Amazing Race 6, Episode 7 – “Phil is a choo-choo Charlie.”


Well it was pretty cool that most of the footage really was never-before-seen… on TV at least, I saw a few of them on THE AMAZING RACE INSIDER on… the main conclusion from this SPECIAL episode… KRIS & JON are the BEST team ever in the history of THE AMAZING RACE

Here are my comments in order of my RANKINGS AFTER SIX LEGS OF THE RACE

I love Don & Mary Jean… they are soo sweet… love them
  Mary Jean: “I’m really pissed. I’m really pissed”

  Mary Jean: “That’s why I married you, cuz you’re strong”

  Mary Jean: “Oh my God… seven inches is really big”

Look at that… more footage to prove just how AMAZING Kris & Jon are… they help Meredith & Maria becuase they don’t have the common sense to learn to drive a stick before going on the RACE… they joke around… they play with the Senegalese children… they appreciate everything they have… they can have a good time when things don’t look so good (the trabbi breaking down… Jon spilling gas all over himself)… I love this team…

Lena & Kristy are hilarious… first the thing at the glacier where Lena says that it is warmer to sleep naked in your sleeping bag… and then the bugs and spiders in their beds at the Viking village… lol…
  Kristy: “Okay… I guess we’re sleeping naked together”

Gus and Hera are great too… love Gus‘ drinking scenes… lol… he seemed even more drunk in the car…

Ehh… they’re okay… but Hayden needs to chill though… the pushing of the trabbis was hilarious… and so was Hayden‘s comments about the Berlin wall… lol

Bolo did not do a very nice thing with pretending to be “special”… he probably didn’t hear Jonathan on the ferry, but he seemed so pissed

Rebecca is actually pretty funny… but her and her girlfriend are still annoying with their whining and fighting… How about Rebecca  seducing the guy to buy her a sandwich? lol
  Adam: “I’m happy that you’re hot… and everybody wants to buy you something”

  Rebecca: “Dude, are you freakin’ high?”

  Adam: “You’re making me look like the biggest ______ in the country.”
  Rebecca: “You do a pretty good job of that yourself… yeah.”

nothing significant from these two… but come on.. LEARN HOW TO DRIVE A STICK SHIFT BEFORE YOU GO ON THE RACE….

Okay… first, Freddy & Kendra are pretty smart… they lost not one, but two clues during the race so far… and we get more proof of how annoying they are… how many times did they argue over money? and how many times can Kendra be a racist bitch…

wow, they didn’t show “the shove” … anyway… we got more of Jonathan’s pride speech… how funny was that…
  Victoria: “Can you wash your shirt? You really stink!”

  Jonathan: “…I made an idiot out of myself”

  Jonathan: “… you’re a fu**in invalid today”

  Victoria: “Little pegs… little pegs… little pegs… little pegs… little pegs…”
  Jonathan: “Stop saying that word!”
  Victoria: “…little pegs…”

And Jonathan‘s moment in SENEGAL:
  Jonathan: “The President of synagogue is here in town… The President of synagogue has blocked the road… the President of synagogue is here today.”

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