Current Events Shift Programming

Keep the people in Asia in your prayers… I didn’t realize how devastating it was until today

Just a kinda random fact: ABC Family has pulled Monday’s airing of the DinoThunder episode “Isn’t It Lava-ly” which involes the Megazord fighting the week’s monster in the ocean using a huge wave (the “hang ten” attack)… episodes of other ABC Family shows that involve ocean and water have been pulled from the January schedule as well…

This isn’t the first time current events have affected PR programming… the finale of Lost Galaxy, “Journey’s End” was going to air within days of the Shuttle Columbia explosion, but was pulled because in the finale, their space station crashed onto the surface of Mirinoi’s moon… also, the same episode were edited to remove scenes of suicide bombers who would cling on to buildings AND people and explode…
Last year, the Ninja Storm episode “Snip It, Snip It Good” was delayed for months becuase it had “war” related scenes… the episode was to air just after President Bush’s declaration of war.


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