Recap: The Amazing Race 6, Episode 6 – “They should probably have some counseling.”


About halfway through tonight’s episode, I thought to myself, “Well… this definitely isn’t the best episode of the season” … but it quickly picked up all the way to the TO BE CONTINUED

Well, at the first route marker Hayden almost got run over… reminds me of TAR3‘s Ken & Gerard when they almost got run over by a train AND a Vietnamese woman on a scooter… what made it funnier was Hayden saying “I’m sorry” after she almost got run over…

Jonathan definitely has to be high on something… he just doesn’t quit with the SUPERHERO stuff… he has a complex of some kind… (what’s a complex?) then they get kicked out of the taxi… and Jonathan probably slipped those police officers something to get them off the hook… he goes off on the ticket agent at the airport… geez… then he hit her with the trunk of a car… again… but wow Victoria just gave it back to him several times throughout the leg…

Freddy & Kendra are so freakin’ annoying… the more times Kendra kept emphasizing them being first and having an easy time to the pitstop, I knew something was up… I thought maybe that pointed to their elimination tonight… really, their first place-ness is pure luck… Adam & Rebecca are almost as annoying, but they were pretty much not there this episode…

Gus takes his shirt off again… lol… its just funny… loved his comments about Jonathan… “Little bastard” … “Pain in the ass” … perfect descriptions of him…

What’s not to love about Kris & Jon? They’re good looking, caring, loving, nice, strong, determined… what a perfect team… that Hungarian guy yelling at them was hilarious… I’d love to know what he said

Those cars were great… what were they? TRABBANTS? oh well… like Kris said “Herbies”… I would’ve loved to do the CATAPULT CRASH Detour just to smash some pumpkins… I knew Lori & Bolo would rock on the Detour… physically they should be strongest… which brings us to tonight’s surprise ending…

For the first time in the history of THE AMAZING RACE, an episode ended without an elimination or a non-elimination… basically it ended without a mat… it was 9:55 and not one person made it to the pit stop yet… I knew something was going on… aside from the stupid AMERICA ONLINE plug, that live wireless crap didn’t seem right…. what could Phil possibly want to tell them without them being at an actual pitstop? maybe there won’t be a pitstop and they continue racing?

The thunderstorm begins to roll in as Lori & Bolo sleep on the train tracks and the rest of the teams enter the internet cafe to receive their message…

There is so much speculation about what is going to happen the next two weeks…  Phil says “ON THE NEXT LEG OF THE AMAZING RACE” and not “NEXT EPISODE“in the preview… and according to the preview at, next week’s episode should be the recap episode with “deleted” scenes… RECAP EPISODE?!?!?! TAR has never had a recap episode… I just hope its not a Burnett-type recap which are basically useless…

We’ll find out next week what’s going on… everyone is definitely clueless about it all…






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