Mesodon Simbang Gabi Apology


Too bad we can only go to ONE SIMBANG GABI this year… though I did have fun driving around the HOLY ANGELS parking lot with no one around… lol


At Jonathan and Victoria’s website:, Jonathan AND Victoria both post messages concerning their time on the race:

Jonathan’s post:
All of us have our faults. Unfortunately for me millions of viewers are getting to see mine each week. I do not abuse Victoria,
what you see is a heighten version of stress and obsession mix with medication for a sickness called Sarcoidosis. What was started as a Publicity Stunt turn in to an obsession to race and be first at any cost. This is a GAME and I set out to be the Villain to others not to Victoria. Victoria and I are working on our relationship to better our self and learn from our mistakes. I am taking full responsibly for my actions on screen. Please allow me to make the effort.

I am deeply saddened by the storyline that CBS went with. I am sorry for my actions, I am sorry to Victoria. Most all I am sorry to the Fans of the Amazing Race.


And Victoria’s post:
Don’t worry, I am fine. Its a TV show and not a true reflection of our relationship. We both over reacted.



DAMN… THE PATRIOTS LOST?!?!? The last part of the game I saw was when the NE scored their 2nd TD… wow… very surprising… 28-29

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  1. (abby) i saw your mommy & i said hi but i didnt see you. i was about to tell her to tell you i said hi lol anyways see you 2mr night? yes no? k bye

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