Recap: The Amazing Race 5, Episode 8 – “I’m going to jail.”

HAHAHA… They passed Colin and Christie… lol then their spare tire blows… Colin was being an a$$hole to the taxi driver, and then to Kami and Karli… but then Kami and Karli (who could’ve redeemed themselves from being so stupid by helping the moms) were bitches to the moms… Hey, its a race, but I would’ve helped.

Moving on to the airport… Nikki, stop, you’re making yourself look selfish… and what the hell is Colin saying to Christie? “Why are you making this difficult?” HELLO b!tch! you’re arguing with the freakin’ police! How is Christie making things difficult? “You can bring the president of your country down here, I’m not giving you $100. Hakuna Matata.” SHUT UP! Hell yeah he’s abusive and belligerent… he verbally attacks Christie and Mirna tells TVGuide Online that he physically threatened her and tripped her at the airport… I’m surprised that didn’t make TV… but TAR doesn’t need crap like that to entertain.

The Moms are jsut invincible, overcoming any obstacle that they come across… good for them… Kami and Karli just never stop with the stupid decisions, but I’m glad that allowed Brandon and Nicole to get ahead… lol… Off-roading looked hella cool, but I would’ve sky dived… Chip and Kim, Chip definitely is different now than he was the first few legs… I like them too… that whole sequence of the off roading and skydiving was awesome… freakin’ amazing, one of TAR’s best, most action packed moments…

Why no road blocks?

Well, Colin and Christie arrived first, the most undeserving team ever… well that’s ok, they’re setting themselves up for disaster…

looks like the 2nd FF next week… cut off all their hair? well, that would be no problem for Chip, but I don’t think Kim would really want to do that lol…

Definitely one of the best episodes of the season…

All right… After episode/leg 8:

My latest BB4 blurbs… Diane, stop swinging to both sides cuz it will bite you in the behind for sure… GOOD BYE Cowboy! You just jinxed yourself! I’m still rooting for the Twin alliance, yeah including Diane.
Hmm… quick rankings:

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  1. (abby) hooo man. “juss give him the $100 Collin!” thats the only thing i caught but that was fuckin hilarious!

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