Recap: The Amazing Race 5, Episode 7 – “Are you sure this is safe?”


I think TAR5 is quickly moving up the list, its already better than TAR4 and probably better than TAR2. No, wait.. it IS better than TAR2.

All right, let’s go in order. The first blooper of TAR I’ve ever seen with Charla and Mirna opening the clue, that’s like bonus features on the DVD… The Moms are lucky with delayed flights… I love it when they run cuz the hardest working cameramen in the world have to catch up and just makes the show even better, REAL…

Damn, Colin‘s a bitch… well Christie‘s one too… that stupid crap at the airport reminded me of TAR1 when the Guidos pushed Nancy out of the way to prevent them from getting on the plane, loved how Charla just ran under their arms… lol… and of course “BITCH, move out of the way!”Brandon and Nikki, love how they always just ally with people to get tickets or info… it was hilarious when they were hiding in the office, Mirna telling the ticket agent not to help the others had flashes of Flo at the airport… Kami and Karli were actually likeable tonight, but they continued to be their dumb selves at the airport… they were complaining about how they made the stupidest decision, well they’ve been making stupid decisions the whole race!

The buses were like The India Trains 2… instead of groping women, the guys just took their money… Brandon‘s a good guy… GO BRANDON AND NIKKI!… Nikki was awesome when she threw that bill on the ground… good for her, but I do agree with Brandon that it wasn’t safe I mean that guy looked like he was about to knock their asses to the ground… but $100, $150 for a freakin’ bus?!?!? they should’ve forced their way off of the bus… the others paid $3 or $5 each!

I’m surprised not one team did the bee detour… It was nice when the family gave Chip & Kim some food… geez another food road block, but its only a freakin’ egg… Colin showed just how big of a wuss he was, gag reflexes whatever… and what the hell were they doing with the eggs? They can’t put egg yolk in a bowl without spilling it all over the mat? Chip ruled it, of course, Chip & Kim just rule on the food road blocks, they’re first again… good for them… I was afraid Brandon and Nikki were going home (or sequestering at least), but they were ok… I thought for sure it was going to be a non-elim, which means the next leg will be non-elim then. they pulled a fast one on us…

You gotta love a team that can make the Philiminator cry… he was getting choked up! I hated them at first, but they slowly became a funny, enjoyable team… I mean, Mirna is freakin’ hilarious as a “bitch”… (“Have you ever done anyone else a favor? to do us a favor?) does anyone know what that meant? No, but it was funny…

THROW COLIN IN JAIL!!! hahahahaha, kinda like when Andre & Damon were “detained” in TAR3…

My rankings after episode/leg 7:
3. tie
distant 6.

And some random BB4 musings…
Aww… aren’t Drew and Diane sweet… lol that was so funny when Drew looked down at Diane’s hand and then put his on hers… lol… I’m with the Twin alliance, loved Adria’s rant… very good… Will’s annoying now, but he was ok when he won the luxury competition with Drew and Diane.

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