Recap: The Amazing Race 5, Episode 6 – “Why Can’t We Get a Camel?”

Another amazing episode… Egypt has to be one of the best destinations the race has ever been to. Great job to the Moms for being able to get back in the race after having NO money, and getting driven to the wrong airport AGAIN… loved when they saw the tourist bus arriving and they said “We’ve hit the mother load!” lol…

Kami and Karli were less annoying today, actually pretty funny, but still dumb… “Is this dried poop?” Brandon & Nicole are still my picks to win… Chip & Kim are okay, liking them more… Colin & Christie, damn I wanted to see them lose their 7 hour lead, which they did, but lose it so much that were eliminated or close to being eliminated… glad that the dough boys are finally eliminated or quit, whichever… but he did have a bum knee

Charla was hilarious just walking down the shaft while everyone has to hunch over and walk sideways… AMAZING cinemetography at the dig site at the temple, loved the camera work… probably one of the best road blocks in the show’s history… something like that would’ve previously been a detour… the goats were hilarious…

I can’t wait for next week… I may be watching 24 hours of Olympic coverage, but Tuesdays at 10:00PM my TV will definitely be on Ch.5 and not Ch. 3… “Bitch, move out of the way!” Go Charla! lol

My rankings after leg six:
1. Brandon & Nicole
2. Linda & Karen
3. Chip & Kim
4. Charla & Mirna
5. Kami & Karli
6. Colin & Christie
7. Marshall & Lance

Oh yeah, JASE IS GOING DOWN!!! lol

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