Recap: The Amazing Race 5, Episode 5 – “Are You Good at Puzzles?”

WOW, that had to be the best episode of THE AMAZING RACE this season, maybe one of the best of the entire series…

So much stuff happening… Colin & Christie’s major lead… I don’t like ’em or hate ’em, but good job… I think the FF has new “rules” now that there are only 2 on the whole race… before it used to be you should use it only when you have to… now if you have the chance to use it, use it…

Kami & Karli have to be the dumbest contestants ever… they would’ve been last if Chip wasn’t so nice… Chip kinda redeemed himself in my eyes when he helped Brandon & Nicole, but thumbs down to helping the twins… the Bowling Moms Linda & Karen were lucky today… very lucky… being able to catch the plane, and then have the leg be the non-elim leg, i had a feeling at the beginning of the ep that it would be non-elim, but i was still surprised at the end of the ep…

Marshall & Lance just keep getting annoying… Brandon & Nicole are still my pick to win, they’re the new Flo & Zach, except without the fighting… i thought the last team on a non-elim leg would only get their money taken away, i didn’t know they wouldn’t get money on the next leg either… that’s harsh, but you can always ask people, it always works…

Great episode

My rankings after leg five:

1. Brandon & Nicole
2. Linda & Karen
3. Charla & Mirna
4. Chip & Kim
5. Colin & Christie
6. Marshall & Lance
7. Kami & Karli

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