Recap: The Amazing Race 5, Episodes 1-4

Well I’m finally caught up on all my shows… including TAR… damn all my teams have been eliminated one by one! First Dennis and Erika, then Jim and Marsha, and last night Bob and Joyce… so I guess I’m rooting for the Christians Brandon and Nicole… lol

My rankings after LEG ONE: Bob/Joyce > Jim/Marsha > Dennis/Erika > Brandon/Nicole > Linda/Karen > Marshall/Lance > Alison/Donny > Colin/Christie > Charla/Mirna > Chip/Kim > Kami/Karli

After LEG TWO: Bob/Joyce > Jim/Marsha > Brandon/Nicole > Alison/Donny > Colin/Christie > Linda/Karen > Charla/Mirna > Marshall/Lance > Kami/Karli > Chip/Kim

After LEG THREE: Bob/Joyce > Jim/Marsha > Brandon/Nicole > Colin/Christie > Linda/Karen > Charla/Mirna > Kami/Karli > Marshall/Lance > Chip/Kim

After LEG FOUR: Bob/Joyce > Brandon/Nicole > Linda/Karen > Colin/ Christie > Charla/Mirna > Kami/Karli > Marshall/Lance > Chip/Kim

Other than Brandon/Nicole, there aren’t any other teams for me to root for… Chip is so annoying, but Kim’s okay… Kami/Karli and Marshall/Lance are annoying too, but are more tolerable… Mirna is crazy, but I’ve managed to get used to it…

I’m very excited to have THE AMAZING RACE on for six straight months! and the 7th season is on the way!

2 thoughts on “Recap: The Amazing Race 5, Episodes 1-4

  1. hey lester! just wanted to give you a hello! by the way, how was your driving test? oh yeah .. give me your sn so we could chat some time!! take care buddy!

  2. yess you`re finally back! was it? haha did you really see me getting off the plane? when i left there were hella storms..and i was like…haha lesters comin when the typhoons start. sucka! i hope you had fun.
    haha you said ‘sexy’!

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