The Amazing Race 25 Season Wrap-up

Maybe the horrific experience of Season 24 is a big reason, but there is no doubt Season 25 is one of the best TAR seasons in the post-TARAS Era and definitely the best, most complete season since TAR17.

Everything came together; a good cast, a solid route, good tasks and good competition. Plus, there weren’t any abhorrent teams who tried to ruin the entire show with their p***-poor attitudes.

Before we have to deal with TAR26’s dumb, unnecessary twist, let’s take a look at what Season 25 has done right and what TARUS should do more of if they are blessed with more Races past TAR26. Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 12 – Season Finale – "I had my knickers in a twist from the beginning."

Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 12 – Season Finale – “All or Nothing”


The finale of the Silver Anniversary season of The Amazing Race picks up where we left off last week as teams must immediately continue racing from Manila, Philippines to Los Angeles, California. Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 11 – "We almost got hit!"

Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 11 – “Hooping It Up”

The penultimate Leg is about to begin. But first, Jim puts a very Filipino band-aid on the cut on Misti’s foot.

TAR2511 TAR2511

They open the first clue of the Leg telling them to hop on a jeepney to Rajah Sulayman Park in Malate, Manila. The additional info tells them to find a jeepney at Paliparan Station and then transfer to another jeepney at Baclaran Station.

They run down the highway to find someone who can speak English. Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 10 – "It really felt like we were from the Philippines."

Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 10 – “Smells like dirty tube socks.”

It’s time to start the 10th Leg of the Race and teams will fly to Manila, Philippines. Once they’ve arrived, they can receive their clue from a flower vendor in front of Baclaran Church.

Adam & Bethany get to the travel agent and find a flight on Singapore Airlines departing at 7:25pm arriving at 11pm. Brooke & Robbie get on the same flight via a travel agency.

Misti & Jim go directly to the airport and make sure not to follow another team like they did the last Leg. Amy & Maya also go directly to the airport, but use the cab driver’s phone to find flights on the way. They are pointed to the same Singapore Airlines flight.

Misti & Jim check with a travel agent at the airport and can only get tickets on a Philippine Airlines flight arriving at 11:55pm as the Singapore Airlines flight is fully booked.

Meanwhile, at the ticket counter, Brooke & Robbie catch up to Amy & Maya. The Wrestlers pretend they have no idea why Amy & Maya did not check Mount Faber for the clue. And Amy & Maya still don’t believe Brooke & Robbie intentionally lied. Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 9 – "You can't trust everybody."

Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 9 – “You’re taking my tan off.”


It’s time for teams to fly to Singapore where a Double U-Turn awaits!

The plan is still to U-Turn Kym & Alli. Adam & Bethany are not looking forward to U-Turn anyone, but they’ll do whatever it takes to make it to the final.

Teams are provided $191 and tickets from Malta to Paris, but they will be responsible for booking tickets on to Singapore. Adam & Bethany head to a travel agency and they find a flight from Paris to Singapore arriving at 6:40am. They decide to book it. Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 8 – "I just broke my butt."

Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 8 – “Hot Sexy Knights”


The 8th Leg begins in the morning as teams must travel by ferry to Malta. Once there, they will pick-up an order of drinks from The Bridge Bar and climb up St. Ursula’s staircase to deliver the drinks to a table of waiting Knights of Malta.

Amy’s leg is hurting since she worked it too much when preparing to go on the Race.

The teams are all on the evening ferry together. Misti points out that Kym & Alli are off by themselves again, like they usually are. Brooke is not a fan of theirs. They rub her the wrong way and they’re a strong team, so she wants to Double U-Turn them. Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 7 – "I've never been so sweaty in my whole life."

Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 7 – “Pretty Fly for a Food Scientist”


The 7th Leg begins with Misti & Jim opening the first clue telling teams to fly to Palermo, Sicily. Misti can’t want to get out of Marrakech. But they’ll have to stay a little longer as the first flight arrives in Palermo at 8pm tomorrow. They are not looking forward to spending the day at the airport.

Adam & Bethany like this newlywed bootcamp that is the Race. Tim & Te Jay are excited about going to Sicily. They say they’ve been bickering about stupid stuff on the Race, which is less than back home. As long as Te Jay accepts when Tim is right. Continue reading