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The Amazing Race Philippines, Leg 6 Wrap-up – “Ayoko mamatay dito, sa gitna ng desert.  ‘Di ko pinangarap yun.”
The Amazing Race Philippines, Leg 5 Wrap-up – “Right, left, straight, ahead, where?”
The Amazing Race Philippines, Leg 4 Wrap-up

The downside of having to rely on a faithful TV fan in another country to upload fuzzy videos of episodes online.

Since I’m not in the Philippines, TV5 doesn’t air TAR on their international channel, and the fact that their international channel isn’t even available on any other provider than Dish, without the kindness of a Filipino with a TV tuner and recording enabled-computer I won’t be able to watch The Amazing Race Philippines.

And so, no recap for the last day of Leg 4. But a Leg Wrap-up is still possible of course. =]

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