The Amazing Race Philippines, Leg 6 Wrap-up – “Ayoko mamatay dito, sa gitna ng desert. ‘Di ko pinangarap yun.”

The Amazing Race Philippines, Leg 6 Wrap-up

Well, after The Amazing Race 21 had a strange, short Leg on Sunday, The Amazing Race Philippines decided to do the same.

This so-called “Super Leg” wasn’t the “Superleg” we’ve come to know on other TARs.  It was basically a zero-hour Pit Stop with the 2nd of the two Legs being incredibly short.

Really, Leg 6 started out with excellently hilarious car drama, but it seems that was the most interesting part of this Leg.  Maybe as a two-hour episode on TARUS, it would’ve worked better.  But for TARPh’s format, Leg 6 was almost a snooze.

First, for the Leg itself.  I’ve always been a fan of the super/double/TBC-legs on TAR.  It pushes the teams and gets them really competing while being absolutely exhausted.

But TARPh put an equalizer at the start of Leg 6 that basically gave the teams their mandatory Pit Stop.  Imagine, teams having to wait more than 12 hours for an Hours of Operation.  They might as well have  just not done the “Super Leg” since the point of the zero hour Pit Stop between Legs 5 and 6 was basically negated by the Hours of Operation at the Road Block.

As for Leg design, it was pretty simple.  Definitely the shortest Leg of the Race yet.

As for the tasks.  The Road Block was good enough.  But the Detour was a lot more boring than it looked on paper.  The teams were in and out of there and there wasn’t even any kind of action when it came to the guns.  Even Dani & Mish’s run through the paintball course looked easier than TK & Rachel’s infamous “run through fireworks” Speed Bump in TAR12.

Then that car task at SM that seemed more to be boring product placement for whatever that medicine Derek apparently is an endorser for and for SM malls.

The Mt. Pinatubo Pit Stop was nice, but we saw so little of it.  They should’ve done something at the foot of the volcano or something instead of that task at SM.

Overall, a boring, short Leg.  And disappointing after the drama-filled 5th Leg.

My Subjective Team Rankings for Leg 6

Dani & Mish Dani & Mish – Sad to see them go.  It looks like they fit the typical bickering couple mold.  They fight a lot and it looks like they hate each other, but they quickly make up and are friends again in no time.  The frustration of the Race plus Dani’s seemingly natural frantic –self made them an exciting, fun and dramatic team to watch.  Can they get cast on TARUS please?  Or maybe a TAR: World All-Stars edition?
Ed & Angel Ed & Angel – Bad luck with cars for them it seems.  But it doesn’t take away the fact that they’ve stepped it up.  Angel’s more fiesty, Ed’s shown he’s not deadweight.  They are definitely building momentum and starting to really Race well.  If they can shake off the bad luck, they can go far.
Saida & Jervi Saida & Jervi – They’re really losing their luster from the early Legs.  Jervi is definitely not as funny as he was at the beginning and Saida’s muras or swearing aren’t nearly as funny now either.  They’re also slowing down and I think it all started when they decided not to Yield Marc & Kat, thus denying themselves P200,00. 
Sheena & Gee Sheena & Gee – They were loosening up, but now they’re back to their screechy selves which can definitely be grating when they’re doing it every other moment.  Okay Racing from them and they don’t really care who they step on, which can work both ways.  But they’re starting to overdo the playing to the cameras now.
LJ & CJ LJ & CJ – A solid Leg for them.  Only one scene of fun from them at the car task, but otherwise back to being quiet and boring. 
Marc & Kat Marc & Kat – They’ve really become a lot more likeable now that they’re not on top and now that they’re getting snippy with each other.  I really want to see them compete and not just run ahead of everyone.
Fausto & Dayal Fausto & Dayal – A surprisingly competent Leg from them even though Dayal’s strange vanity and outbursts should be a concern for them moving forward if not hilarious to marvel at.  
Boom & Cheng Boom & Cheng – Really though, I can’t bring myself to like them anymore.  Boom’s kisses are sleazy, their jokes are falling flat and forced, and now we learn that they’re actually mactors!?  Your sob story don’t work if you’ve got connections in industry.
El Kabayo Riding Stables

T33 Thunderbird at Air Force City Park
Clark, Angeles, Pampanga

Angeles City Flying Club
Magalang, Pampanga

Clark Eagle Range and Gun Club
Clark, Angeles, Pampanga

SM City Clark
Angeles, Pampanga

Sitio Tarukan, Mt. Pinatubo
Capas, Tarlac

Who did the Road Block?
Sino ang nasa target? / Who’s on target?

In order of completion; Italics indicate who did the Road Block
3 Fausto Dayal 3
1 Cheng Boom 5
4 LJ CJ 2
5  Marc Kat 2
3 Sheena Gee 2
2 Angel Ed 4
2 Saida  Jervi 3
2 Dani Mish 4

2 Vanessa Pamela 2
1 Anton Armand 10
0 Mykey Crystel 1

Boom & Cheng

Marc & Kat
Ed & Angel
Sheena & Gee
Saida & Jervi
Dani & Mish µ

µ Dani & Mish

In order of completion
> or < indicates team switched Detours.

Sitio Tarukan, Mt. Pinatubo
Capas, Tarlac

1st Boom & Cheng =
2nd Fausto & Dayal =
3rd Marc & Kat +1
4th Sheena & Gee +3
5th LJ & CJ +1
6th Saida & Jervi -1
7th Ed & Angel -4
Eliminated Dani & Mish =

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