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Recap: The Amazing Race 4, Episode 3 – “I Wasn’t Even Going to Touch You Until You Slammed My Head Backwards”
Recap: The Amazing Race 4, Episode 2 – “It Doesn’t Say Anything About First Come First Served… and We’re Bigger”
Recap: The Amazing Race 4, Episode 1 – “Cheaters Never Win… and They Cheated!”

Stretch Hummers deliver teams to Dodgers Stadium. Those teams include best friends Tian & Jaree, “old, fat, out of shape, middle-aged” air traffic controllers Steve & Dave, married couple Reichen & Chip, 12-year couple and virgins Millie & Chuck, father and son Steve & Josh, close friends Russell & Cindy, NFL wives Monica & Sheree, best friend bachelors David & Jeff, dating couple Amanda & Chris, recently engaged Kelly & Jon, “fat, forty and fun” married parents Debra & Steve and clown best friends Jon & Al.

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