The Amazing Race 3 and 4 Are Coming to DVD!!!

The Amazing Race 3 and 4 Are Coming to DVD!!!

Excellent news! Amazon has seasons 3 and 4 available for pre-order! No release date yet, but here’s the cover art:

They’ll be like the TAR2 releases utilizing Amazon’s CreateSpace manufacture-on-demand program, so don’t expect anything other than the episodes in terms of bonus features.

Pre-order both DVDs now at!

Here’s TVShowsonDVD’s post about the release:

    The globe-spanning race continues in the Emmy award winning third season of THE AMAZING RACE. Increasing the number of teams from 11 to 12 ratchets up the tension as the contestants race everywhere from Switzerland to Singapore. Armed with only their wits and their passports, the diverse cast members include a pair of twin models, soccer moms and the memorable father/son team of Dennis, a conservative southern Baptist, and Andrew, an openly gay cheerleader.

    One team ends up detained by local authorities after putting their trust in a cab driver, proving that in THE AMAZING RACE your teammate is the only one you can truly trust. Further panic breaks out as the race comes to a sputtering stop, literally, when the contestants don’t know the difference between diesel and unleaded gas. Find out who wins the photo finish in this special edition DVD set, and prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime.

    ALSO: From South Korea to Sydney, the beautiful scenery continues to race by in the Emmy award-winning fourth season of THE AMAZING RACE. Fan favorites Reichen and Chip compete in a race against time and 11 other teams made up of everything from NFL wives to professional clowns. Utilizing any means necessary – from horse-drawn carriages to snow rafts – teams must combat the elements and cultural differences for the ultimate cash prize.

    Watch as a contestant nearly learns the true meaning of swimming with sharks, and teams are forced to retrieve clues from the strangest of places – from kites to cow manure. Roadblocks and fast forwards aplenty ensure the thrills continue, and when it comes down to the final leg of the race, one team falls so far behind that they are unable to even cross the finish line, leaving the remaining two to battle it out. Stamp your passport for excitement with this special edition DVD set, and find out who wins the globe-spanning race.

Back in 2005, CBS/Paramount released the 1st and 7th season sets in stores, but there has been no amazement on DVD since then until this year, 2011, when CBS teamed up with Amazon’s CreateSpace manufacture-on-demand (MOD) program to release The 2nd Season back in January. Now we’re pleased to pass on that further DVD season sets are on the way, also using the CreateSpace MOD program, with upcoming releases of The Amazing Race – The 3rd Season and The Amazing Race – The 4th Season. These 3-disc sets will be sold separately at $34.95 SRP each, and include extras (no specifics on those yet). When will they be available? Well, an availability date hasn’t been posted so far; all Amazon’s entries say at this time is that “This title has not yet been released. You may pre-order it now and we will deliver it to you when it arrives.” But package art and a button link to Amazon’s pre-order listings can be found immediately below, however. Our thanks to reader Logan Huffman for the heads-up on this!

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