DryedMangoez.com’s Search Referrals of the Week

I’ve been meaning to do these kinds of posts a while now, but since I’ve been a little too busy to post more regularly, I took a few minutes to do this first one. WordPress is kind enough to include a list of search terms from which people have clicked from to get your blog. I’ve gotten tons of odd and hilarious referrals, but also some good, legitimate questions. So here is the first of I think will be regular posts of some of the most interesting search referrals of the week…

(Terms in bold are actual search terms used to find this blog.)

parenthood bad time slot
Parenthood‘s timeslot has its positives and negatives. Positive because it has arguably the cushiest timeslot on NBC’s primetime after arguably the network’s strongest show The Biggest Loser. Should’ve been good to launch the series. Negative because Parenthood, as a family drama, could probably benefit from airing at a time when families can actually watch. If the show can stop its ratings skid and manage to come back in the Fall, I’m sure NBC will find a better place for it.

welle revellame wawawee show
Must’ve been a fan of the rival program Eat Bulaga to have spelled everything completely wrong. But the blog still managed to show up. Woohoo Google spell check!
why does wowowee get higher ratings?
On a related search, the answer why Wowowee on ABS-CBN gets higher ratings than its direct competitor Eat Bulaga on GMA? Because Wowowee is 10x better.

supernatural dean jo dead
SPOILER ALERT! Yes, Jo is dead. But Dean is not… yet.
Hee… I kid. The CW has ordered season 6, so Dean will be around in some form, right?

flash forward gabrielle union
Gabrielle Union, one of only two reasons to stick with Flash Forward. The other being John Cho of course.

kiss the king’s ring
Starz is developing a drama about a modern-day Arthur. Awesome! America loves dramas about modern-day monarchies! (Not! RIP Kings)

the prisoner 2009 explained
Believe me, no one can explain The Prisoner 2009. But if you want to try, the DVDs have actually just been released. Today in fact! Here it is at Amazon.com for $22.49. Wanna give it another whirl?

is there filipino actor/actress in trauma
I don’t think so, and that still annoys me. Trauma is not only a show SET in San Francisco, but they FILM in San Francisco. Yet the only Asians we’ve seen on the show so far have been trafficked prostitutes in Chinatown. I mean come on… really?

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