The Amazing Race Made Me Buy Two Cars!

Just an amusing (for me, I guess lol) story.

Recently, I saved up enough money to buy a brand-new car. (In this economy?! I know. Lol) I’ve been without a car for a few years after an accident left my first ever car, a Nissan Murano, totaled. My parents bought it for me as my high school graduation present, advanced college graduation present and birthday present for the next couple of years. Lol

Thank you Mom and Dad! (Though I’ve tried to pay them back ever since. 😊)

Recently, the brand-new 2023 Kia Sportage caught my eye and I decided to just go for it in August.

Our family car though, which is getting a bit older lately, is a 2014 Ford Escape. And honestly, we bought the Escape back then partly because of seeing it on The Amazing Race! Ford was of course a loyal sponsor of the Race during those years. And at the time, it was a pretty nice and advanced car for our middle-class family.

But as I finished TARPHDME22 last month, I realized Kia was also a loyal Amazing Race sponsor. The Amazing Race Philippines, that is. And not only that. The prize for the winners of TARPH2 were a pair of Kia Sportages!

I honestly don’t know if that was in the back of my mind when I decided on getting the new Sportage this time around. But it’s a funny coincidence. And maybe proof that Amazing Race sponsorship works! Calling all potential TAR sponsors out there! lol

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