Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 8, Episode 10 – Is That a Wild Peacock?

The Amazing Race Canada 8 Episode 10 The Amazing Race Canada 8 Episode 10

The 10th Leg of the Race will decide which teams will Race to the Finish Line. Teams must fly to Toronto via Montreal. At the airport, teams must hop into Chevys to drive themselves to Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville.

Teams are not sure how many teams will be Racing in the Final Leg, so they hope to just finish this Leg in the Top 3.

At the Motorsport Park, teams will face the Road Block: Who likes to be precise? Teams will get behind the wheel of a 2022 Chevy Corvette Stingray and perfectly execute a precision driving course and stop inside a box within 2 minutes, 30 seconds. Marika, Brandon, Craig, Franca and Veronica MUST complete this Road Block.

Brendan goes first and finishes. Marika is close behind. But Franca fails and must go to the back of the line. Craig and Veronica pass on their first attempts with Franca now in last.

The Amazing Race Canada 8 Episode 10 The Amazing Race Canada 8 Episode 10

Teams must use the Onstar Guardian app to locate a pilot at a local airport to sign-up for one of three floatplanes arriving 10 minutes apart in Tobermory, Ontario.

On flight #1 are Brendan & Connor. Jesse & Marika and Catherine & Craig are on flight #2. Besties Beverley & Veronica and Franca & Nella are on the last plane.

Upon arrival in Tobermory, teams must head to Little Tub Harbor and dive to search shipwrecks to find the four numbers corresponding to their team color. They will use the numbers to figure out the four number code to a treasure chest revealing the key to a Chevy Equinox RS.

Brendan & Connor quickly figure out the code and head to their cars to open the next clue. Teams will now drive themselves to Wiarton where they will play Snooker for a Face Off. The players must score as many points as possible to win.

The Amazing Race Canada 8 Episode 10 The Amazing Race Canada 8 Episode 10

The Brothers and Siblings are the first teams to Face Off and Brendan & Connor win the first game. They can now drive to CFB Meaford. Here, teams must run through an obstacle course while a training officer will list the seven Canadian military values: integrity, loyalty, courage, excellence, responsibility, honesty and fairness. When they can recite the values, in correct order, they will get the next clue.

Back at the diving, Franca is confused between Beverley and Nella shouting numbers back at her so much that she ends up writing down five numbers instead of four. Nella has to go back in the water and she starts to feel a bit frustrated as they are back in last place.

Over at the Face Off, Catherine & Craig are able to beat Jesse & Marika. As do Beverley & Veronica. Now it is Jesse & Marika vs. Franca & Nella to avoid the last place penalty.

The Amazing Race Canada 8 Episode 10 The Amazing Race Canada 8 Episode 10

Meanwhile, Brendan & Connor have to take two attempts to pass the obstacle course memorization and can now head to the Pit Stop at The Inn at Cobble Beach Lighthouse where they are officially Team #1. They win a trip to Auckland, New Zealand and a $3500 Marshalls gift card.

Catherine & Craig are able to pass the obstacle course in 2nd, correctly memorizing what they need. Beverley & Veronica, however, did not realize they had to memorize the values during their first attempt so they have to go again.

Back at the Face Off, Franca & Nella defeat Jesse & Marika who now have to wait out the time penalty of 15 minutes. Marika cries, but Jesse tries to encourage her.

All three teams are now at the obstacle course. Beverley & Veronica fail their 2nd attempt. Franca & Nella pass on their first attempt, moving themselves into 3rd place. Jesse & Marika also pass on their first attempt. Beverley & Veronica finally pass on their 3rd attempt, but are in last. They believe they are 20 minutes behind.

It appears to be a four-way Race to the Mat, with all teams thinking it is a Double Elimination.

The Amazing Race Canada 8 Episode 10 The Amazing Race Canada 8 Episode 10

Catherine & Craig are Team #2. Jesse & Marika are Team #3, right behind them.

Franca & Nella step on the Mat as Team #4 and Jon informs them that they have also made the Final Leg.

That means Beverley & Veronica are last and eliminated. Jon says they are “shining examples” of how to run The Amazing Race Canada with honor and dignity.

The Amazing Race Canada 8 Episode 10

Episode Thoughts

It was an interesting Penultimate Leg. It felt lacking and okay at the same time. I don’t know why.

Perhaps it starts with the Road Block in a pre-flight location. It basically determined the flight order, but it felt so disconnected to the rest of the Leg.

Why do a Face Off on the Penultimate Leg though? I’ve always hated. Having a Detour instead would result in the same opportunity of falling behind or pulling head, I think. Plus, another sports Face Off? Too lazy, in my opinion.

The diving for code task is a modified version of many tasks before. but it was a good task at this point in the Leg. And no one could’ve expected Franca getting confused with the numbers being yelled out.

The memorization obstacle course was a good task, I don’t know about it being the last task to determine the Final Leg teams though.

Overall, a solid episode. Definitely not the worst of the season, but a little underwhelming as a penultimate episode.

Team Thoughts

I’m sad Beverley & Veronica are eliminated. It’s too bad they lost because they didn’t read their clue carefully initially. They were able to pull themselves to the front of the pack, but squandered that lead with the lack of foresight. Too bad.

I guess I’m rooting for Franca & Nella the most out of the four Final Leg teams. The others are alright, I guess. But if Franella were not Filipino, I might not be as forgiving with regards to some of the things they did on the Race. But it’s okay.

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