Concept: Introducing NOOD – Current and Classic Filipino Shows and More!

Streaming services and apps have changed the way people around the world consume content. Whether it is television progrmas, full-length feature films or short videos, people are now able to enjoy content anywhere and anytime.

And now, Filipinos and Filipinos at heart all over the world will be able to enjoy the best entertainment, sports, news and information available from the Philippines.

Introducing NOOD, a new multi-screen platform and video streaming service with tens of thousands of hours of current and classic content from the Philippines and around the world as well live television broadcasts 24/7!

Nood (pronounced /no.ˈod/) is the Filipino/Tagalog root word meaning “to watch.” And with Nood, users will be able to enjoy content in a variety of different ways and at any time.

And the best part is, users can enjoy all of this… for free!


Technology has made many aspects our lives more convenient. And that includes our consumption and enjoyment of video content. Nood presents several different and convenient ways to enjoy this new platform.

After registering and signing up for an account with Nood, fans will be able to enjoy the treasure trove of content on the service, free of charge, and through many different methods of access.

Nood‘s main portal (at can be accessible through a web browser from a desktop or laptop computer as well as through a dedicated Windows app.

Nood will also be accessible through the Nood app available on Google Play and the App Store for use on mobile devices.

And the Nood app is also available on Samsung, LG and Vizio smart TVs and via Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Apple TV plus the Xbox and Playstation consoles.

Your personal account also allows a connected and unified experience for you, no matter how you choose to access Nood. Add programs to your queue from your mobile device and watch them later on your smart TV at home. Or can’t finish your episode from your laptop at home? Keep watching on your mobile phone during your morning commute.

Not sure if you’ll have internet connection? The option to download episodes and programs to watch offline is also available for Premium subscribers!

Nood aims to be a convenient and all-encompassing entertainment experience with the control in your hands. Literally!

But what is available on Nood in the first place?

Nood On Demand

Aren’t at home to watch your favorite soap opera? Miss the last part of a sporting event or the evening news? Or just want to easily watch it again? That’s not a problem with the Nood On Demand section!

Nood On Demand is home to current series from GMA Network and TV5. On demand episode replays of daily soap operas, newscasts, sporting events and public affairs programs are available on Nood immediately after their premiere airing on linear television!

Current drama series such as Onanay, Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko and My Special Tatay. Weekly shows like Pepito Manaloto, Studio 7 and Alagang Kapatid. Variety shows like Wowowin, Eat Bulaga and Sunday Pinasaya. And newscasts such as Aksyon Prime, 24 Oras, SportsCenter Philippines and State of the Nation.

All and much, much more are available immediately on the Nood app and in full high definition!

Nood Library

Nood Library, meanwhile, is home to Filipino classics!

Have a favorite series from the past? Or want to discover something that’s new to you? Full episodes and complete seasons from the libraries of GMA Network, TV5 and Sari Sari Channel are available to you anytime in the Nood Library section. Not to mention classic episodes from current, long-running programs.

Classic drama series like Baker King, Beki Boxer, Sa Ngalan ng Ina, both incarnations of Encantadia, Kung Mawawala Ka and Tabi Po. Comedies and romantic series like My Korean Jagiya, Wattpad Presents, Madam Chairman and Ismol Family. Reality shows such as The Amazing Race Philippines, Survivor Philippines, Talentadong Pinoy and Lip Sync Battle Philippines. And variety, nonfiction and documentary programs like Face to Face, ReAksyon, I-Witness, Biyahe ni Drew and Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.

And for the first time ever, Tagalized foreign dramas will be available to watch all over again or be newly discovered. That includes Asian dramas such as Baker King Kim Takgu, Descendants of the Sun, Hana Yori Dango, Full House and My Love From the Star.

It’s a treasure trove of television classics, memorable moments, old and soon-to-be favorites! And again, in full high definition (if available).

Nood Live

Not only will on demand programs be available on Nood, but fans will be able to livestream the top networks in the Philippines through the Nood Live section!

Be able to livestream GMA Network, TV5, 5Plus and GMA News TV anywhere you have an internet connection.

And exclusively for existing Cignal subscribers or Nood Premium subscribers, livestream Cignal-exclusive networks Sari Sari Channel and OneNews as well!

When talking about convenience, being able to livestream your favorite Filipino networks anytime and anywhere is easily delivered to you with Nood.

Nood Exclusives

And if Nood wasn’t exciting enough already, Nood Exclusives provides even more incredible and original content!

Nood Originals will be exclusive Original Series that you can only watch via Nood. Featuring a wide variety of genres and topics, there will definitely be a Nood Original Series for you!

Such as Maine Mendoza’s Humans of Barangay documentary and interview series. Meeting many people while hosting the long-running noontime show Eat Bulaga, Maine Mendoza will get to know the life, loves and hopes of everyday Filipinos. Based on her Facebook project of the same name.

Other Nood Original Series include brand new seasons of D5 Studio productions Forever Sucks and The Complex! And more Nood Originals are to come in the future!

Meanwhile, Nood Premieres will be home to international series that will premiere and be available in the Philippines exclusively via Nood!

Strategic partnerships with LINE TV, GMMTV Thailand, Japan’s Toei and Korea’s Korean Broadcasting System and CJ E&M will bring exclusive series to the Philippines on Nood.

That includes English and Filipino-subtitled episodes of Thailand’s Our Skyy anthology series and Hormones The Series, Japan’s Super Sentai, Kamen Rider and GARO franchises, as well as KBS Korea and tvN drama, music and variety series.

Funimation will also finally arrive in the Philippines with hundreds of anime titles subtitled and dubbed in English and Filipino!

Nood Premieres will also be home to exclusive Philippine airing rights to foreign reality series such as The Amazing Race Canada, Survivor US, and Big Brother series from the US, the UK and Canada!

Nood Exclusives will truly have exclusive content for Filipinos!

Nood Movies

Filipino movie buffs will also have something to look forward to! Nood Movies will make the film libraries of Regal Entertainment, Viva Films, Studio5, GMA Films, Unitel Pictures, APT Entertainment, OctoArts Films and several independent film producers available to their widest audience ever!

A wide selection of films will be available to users on a rotating basis, while Premium subscribers will have access to the entire library as well as Tagalized foreign films!

Nood PBA

If you’re a fan of the Philippine Basketball Association, then Nood PBA is here for you!

Powered by Cignal’s PBA Rush, Nood PBA includes livestreams of all PBA games year-round as well as on demand full game replays from the current season and choice classic games, on demand games from the PBA D-League and PBA Rush original series.

Nood PBA will also feature unprecedented access to your favorite PBA teams and players as well as Gilas Pilipinas games and content as well.

Easy to Search

With all the content that is available, it might seem like a daunting task to find something to enjoy. But fear not!

Nood features a comprehensive and intuitive search feature that allows fans to search by program title (even if you don’t exactly remember that classic TV series’ title), actor, host, personality, writer or director. You can also search by genre or keywords that can also allow Nood to suggest content that you might like with personalized recommendations!

Access and Availability

Nood is an ad-supported service, allowing fans to enjoy On Demand current series and PBA games up to two weeks worth of content for free! Free users will also be able to access up to two hours worth of Library and Exclusives content per week and a rotating selection of Movies.

All users must do is sign-up and register to the service. (Which is also a free process as well.)

For fans who want an ad-free, no interruption experience, access to the full library and to even more convenient benefits, there is Nood Premium.

For a Php99 or US$4.99 monthly fee, Nood Premium subscribers will get access to the full On Demand, Movies and PBA library as well as unlimited viewing of Library and Exclusives content.

Premium subscribers will also be able to download up to 10 videos and two movies at a time for offline viewing, have access to the livestreams of Cignal exclusive networks (Sari Sari Channel and OneNews) and access to select premium titles.

All Philippine users have access to Nood Live. International Premium users will only have access to GMA Pinoy TV, Kapatid Channel, GMA News TV and Aksyon TV International livestreams if they have existing subscriptions to those channels via their cable or sattelite providers.

All free users can link three devices to their account, while Premium users can link up to six. Free users are limited to one simultaneous stream on their account, while Premium users can have up to three simultaneous streams.

Premium users also have access to 4K Ultra-high-definition video and content, if available, via the smart TV app or Nood accessed via web browser.

Premium access will also be made available, free of charge, to existing subscribers of PLDT Home, Smart, TNT and Sun Cellular wireless service, Cignal satellite television service and international subscribers of GMA Pinoy TV and Kapatid Channel.

Smart, TNT and Sun Cellular subscribers also get 1GB free streaming from their data plans per month!

Nood Na!

The best content from the Philippines and around the world, available to Filipinos and Filipinos at heart, around the world!

So what are you waiting for? Nood na!


So, I have zero experience in graphic design (as is painfully obvious from these concept photos, lol) and very minimal experience in app design. (I did code a Twitter-like app in my CompSci class during my last semester in college.)

But recently with all the buzz around ABS-CBN’s iWant app/service, I wondered how GMA and TV5 could come up with a worthy competitor. So I somehow came up with this entire concept.

The most important quality, obviously, is to make any competitor worth the price and effort. And that is for both the content providers and the audience. The best way to do that is to stuff as much content as possible into the service of course and present features that can’t be found on other services and apps. Other than iWant, the Philippines is already served by Netflix, iFlix, HOOQ and Viu, among others. All of which (except Netflix?) include programs from GMA and TV5’s library.

But the point of Nood is to have it completely owned and operated by local media companies. And since neither GMA nor TV5 likely have the resources or even the content to be able to build a entirely new platform on their own, Nood follows in Hulu’s footsteps by being a partnership between several media conglomerates.

First of all, why “Nood?” I was wondering of a cute, clever title relating to “watching” or “viewing.” Then I recently found out Viu already existed. So I immediately thought, “Why not ‘Nood’?”

Obviously, for non-Filipino speakers (even for some Filipino speakers), reading “nood” as “nude” is something that would be part of the consideration for choosing a name for the service. But it is a Filipino word for a Filipino-focused service, after all. And heck, who knows, people reading it as “nude” may become interested in it, check it out, be disappointed it isn’t “nude” content, yet may stay to enjoy some quality Filipino entertainment! Win-win!

Shoutout to, a Pinoy movie review site though. And unsure about which seems to be some kind of startup streaming site. So it is! Of course, a real Nood service could buy one or both of those addresses as well. Or whatever actual name a Filipino app will have in the future. lol I was actually kind of sad when I saw both “Nood PH” and “Nood” app had already been taken and established. =(

But “Nood” would also lend to the possibility of some good branding, such as:
“Nood On Demand” = “Watch On Demand”
or “Nood Original” = “Watch Original”
or “Nood Live” = “Watch Live”

So who would actually partner for this venture?

Manny V. Pangilinan’s PLDT Inc. and MediaQuest Holdings (parent company of TV5) would obviously be major owners in the venture. A natural fit for PLDT and its internet and mobile services and MediaQuest Holdings’ Cignal. And, back when TV5 had full entertainment department, being able to stream directly to potential audience can help combat the lack of reach the network has across the Philippines.

A good incentive for people to sign-up to Nood would be to include free premium membership to existing subscribers of PLDT home internet, Smart, TNT and Sun Cellular wireless service and Cignal satellite television service too.

Then, GMA Network, the country’s #2 media company (don’t listen to their #1 claims, let’s be blunt). They arguably have much more content than TV5 has to offer. But they seem to have little interest in developing their own service. Especially since they have their content already streaming on the other platforms. No need to put the effort into developing their own infrastructure of course.

But there’s certainly benefits to both TV5 and GMA partnering up to establish something like Nood. It’s widely known both networks, especially TV5, struggle to reach the entire country, especially those without cable or satellite service. Poor signal or reception over-the-air discourage Filipinos from watching their networks. Especially now that ABS-CBN has their own digital set-top box, making it easier for people to watch the networks of ABS-CBN.

Nood will obviously need an internet connection in a country whose internet service is one of the slowest and problematic in the world. But the gateway to the content of both GMA and TV5 via Nood can certainly introduce people to both and have them eventually try out GMA and TV5 on linear television.

And allowing people to watch GMA, TV5 and their other networks live anywhere at anytime is a big plus.

Nood will still need other content to be worth the price of admission, or price of streaming at least. So the classic shows from both GMA and TV5’s vault is very important and the backbone to the service.

While the convenience of having same-day replays available of basically every single program aired on GMA and TV5 during the day will be a huge draw. And maybe the biggest gateway to the service. It is no secret that low quality, pirated uploads of Filipino shows flood the internet with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of views every day. So why not monetize that practice for yourself?! TV5 had been uploading episodes of their shows same-day onto their official website. Long before iWant TV existed even, I believe. But GMA never seemingly did any such thing, yet there are so many people who watch low quality uploads of GMA shows, even on YouTube before they can be taken down.

To supplement that content, Nood will engage in partnerships with several of the country’s movie production houses and make their libraries available as well. Having hard-to-find or even unavailable movies elsewhere readily available on Nood would certainly be a big incentive to use and sign-up for the service.

Nood must also have other, popular foreign content like Asian dramas, international shows and the like. Especially foreign dramas that have already been dubbed in Tagalog that have aired on both TV5 and GMA in the past. I included shows that are popular in the Philippines like Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Thai BL dramas as well since most of the time, Filipinos can only rely on kind pirates fans and uploaders to make the shows available online. So why not have them available here instead!

The PBA has been TV5’s biggest ratings grabber, even when they still had original, local entertainment programs. So having PBA games, live and on demand, should be able to attract a different audience group as well. We want Nood to have something for everyone, which will then introduce them to the other sections of the platform too.

And if possible, ESPN content other than the locally produced SportsCenter Philippines can also be included here.

And with all streaming services, Nood will eventually have original content exclusive to it. Above, I use Forever Sucks and The Complex from TV5’s digital D5 Studio as examples. And then a hypothetical nonfiction-type of show in Maine Mendoza’s Humans of Barangay or something similar. Original, full-length dramas or shorter minisodes and everything in between should be on the table for Nood.

For the international audience, Nood can be a gateway for them into Filipino entertainment in the way content from Korea, Japan, China and Thailand have become popular around the world as well. There’s certainly some good content in the Philippines that can appeal to an international audience, but no way for any of it to reach them. Nood can be that platform.

Obviously, the content will be a little different for international Nood users. No livestream of the Philippine feeds of GMA and TV5. Probably less of the non-Filipino content as well. But full access to the Filipino content.

For pricing and features, I have no idea about any of the business side of these things. But as someone who might want to subscribe to Nood, I would think the above features are fair enough for the prices.

Partnering with the different telephone and television services to give existing subscribers Premium access can also help build up the user base and spread the word to others.

Anyway, this was only just a simple idea, but once I got started, I spent the next few hours coming up with all of this. (lol) It was actually pretty fun once I got started and couldn’t stop. Lol

Will something like this ever happen though? Most likely, NO. But we can dream.

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  1. You should do a hostile takeover of iWant, Vivamax, Cignal Play and whatever the hell else streaming service in the Philippines and put it all under Nood! lol

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