Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 6, Episode 7 – “It is too windy for my balls!”

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 6, Episode 7 – Poodle Time


Teams will now fly to Winnipeg on two separate flights. On the first flight are Taylor & Courtney, Nancy & Mellisa and Leanne & Mar. A struggle to find a taxi pushes Martina & Phil to the second flight with Dylan & Kwame and Courtney & Adam.

Once in Winnepeg, teams will hop into a Chevy Colorado ZR2 and drive themselves to the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. Here, teams must attribute 18 quotes to 18 human rights activists. All quotes are on walls in the museum.


Leanne & Mar finish first and must now choose between Bites or Tights, the Detour for this Leg. In Tights, teams must learn a ballet routine from Swan Lake. In Bites, teams will join Skip the Dishes where they will pick up and deliver two food orders using the app. Once teams get two positive reviews from their customers, they will receive the next clue.

Leanne & Mar and Adam & Courtney choose ballet. The last three teams arrive at the museum, catching up to Nancy & Mellisa. Martina & Phil are able to finish 3rd and they choose Bites.

Nancy & Mellisa and Courtney & Adam decide to work together and both get the answers immediately. Dylan & Kwame hustle to finish. Nancy & Mellisa choose ballet while Courtney & Adam and Dylan & Kwame choose the dishes.

Leanne & Mar go for their first attempt and pass. They must now make their way to the Royal Canadian Legion for the Face Off! The first team to hit all 20 sections of the dart board will win the Face Off. The last team will wait out a penalty.


Taylor & Courtney go for their first attempt and pass. Nancy & Mellisa pick up the dance quick, but fail their first attempt. They eventually pass their third attempt. Martina & Phil and Courtney & Adam make their first deliveries and make sure to follow all special instructions on each order.

Martina & Phil get two good reviews followed by Dylan & Kwame and Courtney & Adam.

Over at the Legion, Taylor & Courtney win the first Face Off and win a membership to the Legion. Leanne & Mar win the next Face Off over Nancy & Mellisa.


Teams can now make their way to The Forks Market where they find the Road Block: Who wants to have a ball? For this Road Block, teams must learn how to perform the cups and ball magic trick and then make a balloon animal to receive the next clue.

Courtney and Leanne decide to do the Road Block.

Back at the Face Off, it’s one spot left and Martina & Phil are able to beat Nancy & Mellisa.

Martina decides to do the Road Block as Courtney goes for her first attempt. She passes and she and Taylor can head to the Pit Stop at Assiniboine Park and the Leo Mol Sculpture Gardens. They win another Leg and a trip to New York City.

Over at the Face Off, Dylan & Kwame beat Nancy & Mellisa.


Martina goes for her first attempt. It gets too windy, so the Road Block heads inside. Martina passes the magic trick, but her balloon pops and must try again. Leanne also needs another attempt as Dylan arrives and starts learning the tricks.

Back at the Face off, Mellisa gets four bullseyes and it’s one left again for each team. Nancy misses on her three darts and Courtney gets the one on her first. Nancy & Mellisa have to wait out their penalty.

At the Road Block, Dylan is on his first attempt and fails. Martina is on her 4th attempt and she finally passes. She and Phil are Team #2. Leanne passes on her 5th attempt. She and Mar are Team #3.

Dylan is on his 15th attempt and he finally gets the thumbs up. He and Kwame are Team #4.

Adam is on his 7th attempt and he passes. He and Courtney get in their trucks, but are lost. We are to believe it is now a Race to the Pit Stop between them and Nancy & Mellisa.

Nancy & Mellisa arrive at the park first, but apparently run the wrong way. That allows Courtney & Adam to check in as Team #5. That means Nancy & Mellisa are last… but this is a Non-Elimination Leg.


Episode Thoughts

It was a pretty good episode. It was certainly quantity over quality though when it came to tasks. But all together, the tasks made for a full Leg.

It was very obvious what the first task at the museum was for. But it was alright and a straightforward memory task. Also, how fast your feet can take you as well.

The Detour was fine. And again, straightforward. Another dancing and performing task, but what can you do when you’re running out of things to do in Canada? The food delivery was okay, though maybe a little more time consuming. It’s interesting though since I assume all teams had to deliver to the same addresses out of three. So, they all could’ve just followed each other. Would’ve been strange if that had happened.

The Face Off was meh, but obviously still much better than TARUS’ end-of-Leg Head to Heads. And they spent the right amount of time on the darts since it could’ve gotten very tedious if they had spent more time on the back and forth.

The Road Block was another learn and perform task. At least the magic trick made it feel a little bit more fresh than the usual.

Overall, a full Leg that allowed for teams to shift positions. And a good Leg to have a Non-Elimination as well.

My Subjective Team Rankings

Martina & Phil and Nancy & Mellisa are both just fun to watch in their own ways. Martina & Phil are stepping up their Racing every Leg, so that’s great to see. Good momentum. I’m certainly happy Nancy & Mellisa were saved with a Non-Elimination. I hope they can recover in the next Leg.

Dylan & Kwame have been steadily moving up as well. They too have good momentum moving forward. Courtney & Adam have continued to hover in the back of the pack, but other teams have really messed up which is good luck for them so far.

Leanne & Mar are a strong team, but they’ve also had some big missteps as well. That puts them in a very precarious situation. And I don’t know if they have luck on their side. They’ll have to step it up and maintain the strength they’ve had for much of the Race. Taylor & Courtney have quietly, but surely emerged as the top contenders now. They may not be the most exciting team to watch, but they are Racing very well at the right time.

Episode Quotes

Martina: “No! Go! Please leave!”

Taylor: “Oh my Lord! I’m putting a thong on. It had a triangle and it had the string that went up your arse.”

Mellisa: “You are so fit!”
Nancy: “What about my ass?”
Mellisa: “I couldn’t see it, there was a tutu.”

Martina: “I love throwing things.”

Leanne: “I feel like I’m milking a cow.”

Martina: “It is too windy for my balls!”

Adam: “I am missing a ball.”

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