Recap: The Amazing Race 27, Episode 2 – "It's a million dollars! I'll buy you new feet!"

Recap: The Amazing Race 27, Episode 2 – “Get in There and Think Like a Dog”


Leg 2 begins as teams must fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Once there, teams will find the next clue at the church were Pope Francis was baptized.

TAR2702 TAR2702

While teams are waiting for their 8:25pm flight, they try to research what the name of the church is. Justin & Diana and Denise & James Earl seem to agree not to share the info they’ve found. But James Earl gives the name of the church to Tanner & Josh and Logan & Chris which annoys Justin.

Arriving in Buenos Aires at night, teams head to Basílica María Auxiliadora y San Carlos where they must take a number which is the order they will enter at 7:30 the next morning.

Justin & Diana are Team #1 and enter to the sound of a choir singing hymns. They walk to a side chapel where the priest hands them the next clue revealing the Detour: Cartoneros or Fletero.

In Cartoneros, teams must pick up a cart and use it to collect 100 kgs of cardboard to recycle. There are only 8 carts available to use.
In Fletero, teams must transport a valuable statue to a park on the other side of town.

TAR2702 TAR2702

All teams except Kelsey & Joey choose Cartoneros.

While the teams get started collecting cardboard, Jazmine & Danielle are the 9th team to arrive which means they don’t have a cart.

Justin & Diana finish the Detour first and teams must now make their way to Bartolome Mitre. Tanner & Josh are close behind and point Jazmine & Danielle to their cart for them to use.

At Bartolome Mitre, Justin & Diana find the first Road Block: Who wants to get sideways?

TAR2702 TAR2702

For this Road Block, teams must learn a tango routine. But with a twist. After completing a part on the floor, teams will be harnessed to allow them to finish the routine on the wall.

Diana, Tanner, Logan, Cindy, Kelsey, and James Earl choose to do the Road Block.

Diana gets it on her 2nd attempt. She and Justin can now head to Campo Argentino de Polo Stadium. Also known as the Cathedral of Polo, this is the Pit Stop for this Leg of the Race.

Justin & Diana take Tiffany & Krista’s taxi as they arrive. They are excited since it’s a dancing challenge and Krista decides to do it.

While Tanner fails his 2nd attempt, Logan is successful with hers.

Jin and Alex are next to decide to do the Road Block as Tanner finally succeeds with his 4th attempt and Cindy on her 2nd.

Jazmine decides to do the Road Block as Denise & James Earl leave.

Over at the Pit Stop, Justin & Diana officially check-in as Team #1 and win a trip to Morocco.

TAR2702 TAR2702

Logan & Chris, Denise & James Earl and Tanner & Josh arrive at the stadium. While Logan & Chris can’t find the entrance, Tanner & Josh run past Denise & James Earl right to the Mat. And in doing so, Tanner pulls his hamstring.

Tanner & Josh, Denise & James Earl and Logan & Chris finish as Teams 2, 3 and 4 respectively. Cindy & Rick finish 5th. Tiffany & Krista are Team #6 and Kelsey & Joey are Team #7.

Back at the Road Block, it is Alex & Adam and Jazmine & Danielle left. Alex finishes first, but Jazmine quickly finishes right after. Danielle tells Jazmine to run outside barefoot to save time. Alex & Adam have not even found a taxi yet. Neither have Ernest & Jin.

All teams have found a taxi and somehow, Jazmine & Danielle step on the Mat as Team #8. Ernest & Jin are Team #9.

And that means Alex & Adam are last and eliminated.

TAR2702 TAR2702

Episode Thoughts

So this was an okay episode. What I liked the most was that teams are all running alongside each other at both the Detour and Road Block. I don’t know why it wasn’t as exciting as it could have been. But, I definitely like it when teams are competing side-by-side. There needs to be more of that on the Race instead of forcibly separating teams and even grouping them up.

The Pope Francis Route Marker was pretty cool. Would’ve been even cooler if it happened the week Pope Francis was in the US. But still a nice little Route Marker and it had teams needing to Google and figure out the clue, even though it really shouldn’t have been that hard.

The Detour was okay and both tasks were fine. But I don’t know if it was all that balanced since the statue side of the Detour seemed like it was really far away compared to the recycling which just had teams running around a neighborhood.

And woohoo! They used the TARPHDME-style of Detour graphics. (lol)

The Road Block was a nice little twist on the usual dancing task. I don’t think the dancing on the wall really posed that much of a challenge for the teams other than Alex though. The other teams failed when they were dancing on the floor. (lol)

So overall, a well-designed Leg that was just okay as an episode. That in and of itself is interesting to me. Hmm…

My Subjective Team Rankings

And I think maybe I feel that way partly because of the cast. So far this seems like kind of a bland group of teams. It’s very strange. I don’t know if there’s been a season like this for me before. I usually have at least one team I’m really excited for or one team I absolutely want to root against. But here, I’m pretty neutral to all the teams. =(

The order of the teams above don’t really mean much since they’re all pretty equal.

The only ones I can point out specifically are Denise & James Earl because of Denise’s amusing quotes. And with Tiffany & Krista, it seems TAR did not include the encounter they had with a local which was posted online as a spoiler as the Race was in progress. That clip showed they have potential to be a great spazztic team which might be fun to watch.

I guess the brewing Tanner & Josh and Justin & Diana rivalry could be interesting as well. We’ve seen a little bit of Justin’s personality that could grate. So we’ll see if this rivalry can bring some good drama and fun.

It was a very close Leg so it’s too bad for Alex & Adam. It must’ve definitely been frustrating.

But otherwise, this group of teams lacks some spark. I don’t know what it is. Hopefully things will pick up.

Episode Quotes

Kelsey: “Let me take her head off.”

Denise: “Come on! Don’t doubt me!”

Denise: “I made you! You came out of my belly!”

Danielle: “It’s a million dollars! I’ll buy you new feet!”

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3 thoughts on “Recap: The Amazing Race 27, Episode 2 – "It's a million dollars! I'll buy you new feet!"

  1. I totally agree. This seems to be another middling season of TAR which isn’t good considering of their Emmy loss this year. With this meh group of teams, I might try to excite myself with Supernatural. What is your overall rankings of seasons of Supernatural?

    1. Hopefully TAR28 will be something HUGE because it could very well be the last season if they don’t get their act together.

      As for Supernatural, I haven’t really thought about ranking the seasons. I guess it’s a little different from ranking TAR. But I’ve enjoyed all seasons except the Leviathan season which I think was 7? Do you watch Supernatural regularly?

      1. I just started watching Supernatural. I already finished the 1st four seasons. In my opinion, I think season 2 is the best one yet.

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