Recap: The Amazing Race 22, Episode 7 – “Crying is for bitches.”

Recap: The Amazing Race 22, Episode 7 – Be Safe and Don’t Hit a Cow

The Leg
The Amazing Race 22, Episode 7  The Amazing Race 22, Episode 7  The Amazing Race 22, Episode 7

Teams must drive themselves to Boro Village.  And it’s not a good start for Max & Katie who get lost just walking to their cars.

But it’s even worse for Caroline & Jennifer who get pulled over for speeding 96 kph in a 60 kph zone.  They can’t sweet talk their way out of a ticket, so they have to go to the police station and pay 820 pula or about $100.

Bates & Anthony get to the clue box at Boro Village and find both the Fast Forward and the Road Block.  They decide to go for the Fast Forward.

In this Fast Forward, they will have to stay up in waterskis for one mile in crocodile infested waters to receive the award.

The Amazing Race 22, Episode 7  The Amazing Race 22, Episode 7  The Amazing Race 22, Episode 7

Pam & Winnie arrive and are excited about the Fast Forward, but realize the guys have probably taken it so they move on to the Road Block.

In this Road Block, teams must use a makoro, a traditional canoe, to transport two goats upstream to a goat pen and then return downstream to receive the next clue.

While Chuck & Wynona get started with the Road Block as well, Caroline & Jennifer are at the police station.  But they don’t have any pula.  So Jennifer asks a man to go change her money for her since the police won’t let Caroline out of the station.

The Amazing Race 22, Episode 7  The Amazing Race 22, Episode 7  The Amazing Race 22, Episode 7

Meanwhile, Max & Katie’s Leg gets worse when they too get pulled over, this time, Max goes 76.

Pam & Winnie are heading back downstream already.  But Chuck & Wynona and Mona & Beth are struggling.  Joey & Meghan, meanwhile, are struggling on the paved roads and still haven’t found the village.

Pam & Winnie get back to shore as Caroline & Jennifer set off.  After the Road Block, teams must take a water taxi to the Royal Tree Lodge Game Preserve for their next clue.

That’s also the location of the Pit Stop and Bates & Anthony put their shorts back on before running to Phil at the Mat and claiming another first place win and $7500 each.

Back on the water, Chuck & Wynona are drifting right into Mona & Beth.  Wynona tries to steer them away, but Beth pushes them off, which surprises Chuck & Wynona.  “Roller derby on the water.”

Mona & Beth finally drop off their goats, but have trouble setting back off into the water, allowing Caroline & Jennifer to quickly drop off their goats and leave.

The Amazing Race 22, Episode 7  The Amazing Race 22, Episode 7  The Amazing Race 22, Episode 7

Max & Katie have paid their fine and are ready to continue Racing.  Then Max backs up into a pole.  They try to calm down and then realize they’re not in last when Joey & Meghan finally find their way and follow them to the Boro Village.

At the village, Max & Katie find their Speed Bump.

For their Speed Bump, Max & Katie must finish beading a skirt before taking part in a traditional seduction dance. 

The Amazing Race 22, Episode 7  The Amazing Race 22, Episode 7  The Amazing Race 22, Episode 7

Downriver, Pam & Winnie arrive at the Detour.
In Brains, teams will go on a horseback safari where they must spot and memories 10 different animals along the way.  When they reach camp, they must place tiles representing each animal in the order they saw them to receive their next clue.

In Brawn, teams must load a sand sled with wood and guide donkeys who will pull the sled to a camp.  Once they’ve delivered the wood, they’ll get the next clue.

Pam & Winnie choose Brawn.  The other teams are close behind.  Chuck & Wynona choose Brains while Caroline & Jennifer and Mona & Beth also choose Brawn.

Pam & Winnie’s donkeys aren’t moving at all, even when they pull them.  Pressured by the other teams getting started, they decide to switch Detours.

That allows Mona & Beth and Caroline & Jennifer to finish the Detour then run to Phil where they officially check-in as Teams #2 and #3 respectively.

Chuck & Wynona finish the Detour as well and step on the Mat in 4th.

The Amazing Race 22, Episode 7  The Amazing Race 22, Episode 7  The Amazing Race 22, Episode 7

Pam & Winnie miss one animal and when they go to arrange their tiles, they are incorrect so they have to go all the way back to the beginning.

Joey & Meghan and Max & Katie battle it out for what they think is last, but Pam & Winnie getting it wrong on their 2nd attempt seals their fate.  Joey & Meghan and Max & Katie see Phil and officially finish Teams 5 and 6.

Pam & Winnie switch back to the donkeys, get ones that move and run to the Mat in last and are eliminated.

Episode Thoughts
A very busy episode even if the Leg design wasn’t all that great, especially for a non-elimination Leg.

The Road Block was great since it mixed two classic TAR tasks, paddling or rowing a boat and handling animals.  

The Detour was good too, though the donkey side of the Detour should’ve definitely been a Road Block or at least a task all teams had to perform.  Everyone but Chuck & Wynona did, but it’s definitely a task that would produce the best TV if it was required of all teams.  Just a note for the future.  =]

But the donkeys were definitely not as epic as TAR12 and the police drama far from TAR5’s classic moment.  Still, an overall solid Leg. 

Meno A Kwena Safari Camp

Boro Village
Maun, Botswana

Royal Tree Lodge Game Preserve


Meno A Kwena Safari Camp

Bates & Anthony 5:39am
Pam & Winnie 6;11am
Chuck & Wynona 6:17am
Joey & Meghan 6:23am
Caroline & Jennifer 6:28am
Mona & Beth 6:37am
Max & Katie 6:49am



> x2

In order of completion
> or < indicates team switched Detours.

Bates & Anthony used the Fast Forward.

Who did the Road Block?
Who wants to go up a creek without a paddle?
In order of completion; Italics indicate who did the Road Block

4 Bates    Anthony 3
5 Pamela    Winnie 3
5 Chuck    Wynona 3
4 Mona    Beth 4
5 Caroline    Jennifer 3
5 Joey   Meghan 3
5 Max    Katie 3

1 Dave    Connor 4
2 Jessica    John 3
1 Idries    Jamil 2
1 Mattthew    Daniel 1

Royal Tree Lodge Game Preserve

1st Bates & Anthony =
2nd Mona & Beth +4
3rd Caroline & Jennifer +2
4th Chuck & Wynona -1
5th Joey & Meghan -1
6th Max & Katie +1
7th Pam & Winnie -5
Pamela & Winnie– Well that was horrible.  Definitely a horrible way to go out and really, they didn’t have to put themselves in that situation.  It was all on them and despite their early struggles with it, it wasn’t driving directions that did them in.  Damn, that sucks.  They otherwise would’ve had another great finish.  Sad to see them go.  They were great Racers who were a lot of fun too.  Unfinished Business/All-Stars 2 please!
Max & Katie – Well that was an absolute mess of a Leg for them… and so much fun to watch.  Seriously, I don’t understand how they were introduced as the villains at the beginning of the season because they’ve really been just a fun, awesome bickering couple.  Light on the bickering, more on the fun and awesome.  Hopefully they can get back on track next Leg.
Chuck & Wynona – An alright Leg for them.  Wynona struggled on the boat, but they got through it fine and they did excellently at the Detour where Pam & Winnie did not… twice.  They are definitely not out of the Race yet and could definitely surprise and get themselves farther than anyone would’ve expected. 
Bates & Anthony – Definitely continuing to solidify their position in the Race.  They are Racing well, but their mugging for the camera, especially Bates’ is quickly growing old.  I’m sure a lof of gals and guys enjoyed Bates in his underwear, but let’s not make that a regular thing on the Race, yeah?
Mona & Beth – A very strong Leg for them.  They have experienced some stumbles, but have been quietly getting themselves through the Race and are helping to make this season a wide open field.
Caroline & Jennifer – Much kudos to them.  We don’t know how long it took them at the police station, but even so, they finished the Road Block and Detour very fast and maybe even showed their competitive spirit for the first time this Race.    
Joey & Meghan – Please, please be eliminated next.  Thanks.
Quotes from Episode 22.07

Max: “Stupid.”
Katie: “You are stupid.”
Max: “I know.”

Wynona: “There’s just a smell about Africa, it just smells like a big bowl of dung.”

Pam: “Crying is for bitches.”

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  1. Another great re-cap, except for your continued fawning all over Pamela and Winnie. How can they be first in your rankings when they came in last out of seven teams? If there is a second All-Star version, I hope that the producers have the good sense to take only “first” place finishers this time. I’d love to see the “Best of the Best” and not those who couldn’t even finish in the top 50% as these two racers did. And as much as Joey and Meghan annoy me (I visibly cringe with revulsion every time I see them), as of this point in the race, they are more deserving of coming back that those who were eliminated before them are.

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