Check-in Review: GMA’s Legacy Moving at Breakneck Speed

The last time I did a Check-in Review, I ranted about the stunning decline (and slow recovery) of ABS-CBN’s Maria la del Barrio.

That was halfway through the series’ run and just at the beginning of its “2nd book.” GMA’s Legacy only premiered three weeks ago and here I am checking in already. And that is thanks to the surprisingly swift, yet efficient storytelling.

Currently in its 4th week on the air, Legacy has gone through as much story as other series have attempted to do their entire months-long runs. Fast forwards, paternity revelations, hate morphing into acceptance… things have happened at such a breakneck speed that one may wonder if it is all happening too fast.

In reality, Legacy‘s quick pace has been refreshing and exciting. Seeing young Diana (Heart Evangelista) learn the identity of her father, meet him, plan to have her and her mother begin a new life with him, lose him to a mysterious assassin, and get accepted not as the anak sa labas but as a genuine member of the family all while unknowingly meeting her (not really) half-sister Natasha (Lovi Poe), become bitter enemies, then bury the hatchet and begin to regard each other as their own flesh and blood… That’s one full, three to four month Filipino soap opera right there.

But it’s only week four and the show has only just begun. Both Heart Evangelista and Lovi Poe have been great to watch as their roller coaster of a relationship has gone to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, ultimately (or really, for now) settling at true sisters, willing to hold each other’s hand and being there for each other moving forward.

This week brought in a new dynamic with the entrance (finally!) of Alessandra de Rossi as the other anak sa labas Bernadette.

Let the fireworks and Cherie Gil one-liners begin continue.

Indeed, Legacy has been one revelation after another and that may seem reckless at first. Why show all your cards now? What story will there be left to tell?

But you can see Legacy is only getting started. Though in a way, it might feel odd not knowing where the show is heading, what with not having a boatload of secrets waiting to be spilled (the typical premise of Filipino soaps). But on the other hand, that makes Legacy so different and exciting.

Not knowing what’s ahead or what to expect is intriguing. And again, very refreshing.

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  1. I haven’t wathc the trialer or the first week or even have a clue about it at first due to busy schedule but the first time I watch Legacy I was also surprise of how out of the box is the soap opera is! The story of Legacy to me (after watching TV soaps of every networks growing up) is so fresh and new.
    Not just the beautiful faces involved, beautiful lines but great story and twists avid followers don’t even expect. The acting is effecting as well and the humour part is jsut amusing specially if done by Alessandra De Rossi’s character.
    I always have fun watching the show! 🙂

  2. I have been watching Legacy in Dubai for several weeks now. I am always interested to see if our Pinoy dramas have improved over the years. The story is interesting, the cast is well chosen, However,the usual sampalan is still there, too many tears being shed still and the word “paciencia by Heart Evangelista is said much too often. The dresses of these working ladies are not appropriate as office attire. Who ever is the costume designer of this show should have studied more corporate decorum before dressing up these ladies. He/She did not do justice to these beautiful women with beautiful bodies by making them wear inappropriate dresses in the office. If Joanne Rivers is watching, she would been cursing and falling off her seat.

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