Recap: The Amazing Race 19, Episode 6 – “You’re in an African jail!”

The Amazing Race 19, Episode 6 – We Love Your Country Already; It is Very Spacious

The Leg

Amani & Marcus open the first clue and teams must now fly to Lilongwe, Malawi.  All teams get on the same flight and the leg really begins as the teams run out of the airport.  Jeremy & Sandy get the first taxi and teams must head to Limbe Tobacco Warehouse, Gate 7 for their next clue.

Keeping their lead, they find the Road Block.

In this Road Block, teams will take part in the production of Malawi’s biggest cash crop, tobacco.  Teams will use a short dolly to transport ten 200-lb sacks of tobacco.

The men of each team choose to do the Road Block and the local workers gleefully mess with the teams by pushing their own sacks around and psyching them out with cheers and songs.

While five teams get underway at the Road Block, Bill & Cathi and Amani & Marcus get caught up in traffic and fall way behind as Jeremy, Ernie, and Justin finish first.

Teams must now head to Memorial Tower for their next clue, and the Detour.
In All Sewn Up, teams head to White Horse De-signs shop in Old Market where they will choose one customer and finish sewing the seams on their suit jacket and pant leg using a manual sewing machine.
In Not Grown Up, teams head to Lilongwe L.E.A. School where they will build a homemade toy truck using old milk cartons and bottle caps.  Once the child successfully test drives the new toy, they’ll get their next clue.

Jeremy & Sandy, Justin & Jennifer, Zac & Laurence and Andy & Tommy choose Not Grown Up.  Across town, Ernie & Cindy’s taxi driver doesn’t know how to get to the Old Market, so Bill & Cathi and later Amani & Marcus catch up to them at the All Sewn Up Detour.

Jeremy & Sandy and Justin & Jennifer stay out in front and now head to their next clue at R-K Furniture Shop.  They open the next clue telling teams to transport two locally handcrafted beds to the next Pit Stop at Kumbali Village.

Teams can ask the shop owner to call a truck for them.  Justin & Jennifer get the first truck out.  Andy & Tommy arrive at the shop 3rd, but the shop owner directs them to take the 2nd truck that arrives over Jeremy & Sandy.

Zac & Laurence are clueless again as Ernie & Cindy and Bill & Cathi head off before them while Amani & Marcus’s bad luck continues in last.

Justin & Jennifer run off to the Pit Stop, carrying their beds and Andy & Tommy are right behind.  They get to the Mat and after Phil tells them they’ll be sleeping on those same beds tonight, he informs Justin & Jennifer that they did not pay their truck drivers, so they have to go back and do so before checking in.

That allows Andy & Tommy to once again slide into first place and win a trip to the British Virgin Islands.

The other teams arrive and struggle to carry their beds as Justin & Jennifer run back to the trucks then back to Phil to still check-in as Team #2.  Bill & Cathi are right there with them, but Phil tells them to wait as Jeremy & Sandy walk in and get checked in as Team #3 much to Bill & Cathi’s bewilderment.  Phil tells them they did not pay their driver either, so they head back as Zac & Laurence pass Ernie & Cindy to finish 4th and 5th respectively.

Amani & Marcus arrive and start lugging their beds to the Mat, but Bill & Cathi easily pay their truck driver and run back to Phil to officially check-in 6th.  That leaves Amani & Marcus in last, but Phil tells them this is a non-elimination leg.

Episode Thoughts
It was a better episode this week.   It is always fun to see the locals happy, excited and involved in the leg.  And even more fun to have kids on the Race. 

The tasks were alright.  It seemed like the sewing Detour could’ve been faster had Ernie & Cindy not gotten lost.  The other side of the Detour was awesome, but needed more kid interaction.  And the Road Block was that traditional, annual physical labor Road Block that usually appears.

It wasn’t that apparent that this would be a non-elimination leg, so that was a surprise.  But I wonder if we’ll be having a double leg/zero hour Pit Stop soon too.  I certainly hope so.  Seeing as they will be staying in Malawi next leg, this would’ve been the perfect spot for a TBC-leg.  Especially after all that physical work this leg.

The legs continue to be pretty linear which means taxis will be the make or break for the team which in turn means a higher likelihood of teams getting screwed over.  Eek.

Also, TAR edits in in-Race scenes into the opening as they’ve done since the graphics refresh.  I still wish they took a page from TARAu with the glossy opening credits though. 

M.R. Kukrit Heritage House
Bangkok, Thailand


Johannesburg, South Africa

Limbe Tobacco Warehouse

Lilongwe LEA School

White Horse De-Sign Tailor Shop
Old Market, Lilongwe

R-K Furniture Shop
Ntchisi, Malawi

Kumbali Village

M.R. Kukrit Heritage House
Bangkok, Thailand

Amani & Marcus 7:22am
Bill & Cathi 7:23am
Ernie & Cindy 7:24am
Justin & Jennifer 7:29am
Andy & Tommy 8:06am
Laurence & Zac 8:07am
Jeremy  & Sandy 9:22am



In order of completion
> or < indicates team switched Detours.

Who did the Road Block?
Who’s ready to put up bale?
In order of completion; Italics indicate who did the Road Block

5 Jeremy Sandy 2
4 Ernie Cindy 3
4 Justin Jennifer 3
3 Andy Tommy 4
3 Laurence Zac 4
5 Bill Cathi 2
3 Amani Marcus 4

2 Liz Marie 4
1 Kaylani Lisa 2
2 Ethan Jenna 0
1 Ron Bill 1

Kumbali Village

1st Andy & Tommy +4
2nd Justin & Jennifer +2
3rd Jeremy & Sandy +4
4th Laurence & Zac +2
5th Ernie & Cindy -2
6th Bill & Cathi-4
7th Amani & Marcus-6
Ernie & Cindy Ernie & Cindy – They weren’t leading nor were they really behind, yet they still get plenty of exposure during the episode.  I like that.  It bodes well.  Plus, already six legs and they haven’t coughed up their Express Pass yet.  That’s definitely beneficial for them in the future.  Okay leg for them, funny moment on the way to the Pit Stop; good so far.
Bill & Cathi Bill & Cathi – Other than their Pit Stop misstep, it was a strong leg for them.  They are surprisingly (or maybe not) physical and have kept up with the other teams very nicely.  They’ve made mental mistakes which if they take care of, they could go very far.
Jeremy & Sandy Jeremy & Sandy Sandy has been stepping it up personality-wise these last two legs.  Her “get over it” and “let’s enjoy this” to Jeremy were very nice.  I like to see that, but also still  have some volatility and it appears there’ll be plenty more of that next week.
Amani & Marcus Amani & Marcus – With luck’s help, they stepped it up last week, but luck decided to take a break this week and they had a horrible leg.  They settled back into their lull after showing signs they were starting to get into a groove.  But flying to a new country can always stop momentum and it definitely did for them.
Andy & Tommy Andy & Tommy – And back to being a little on the meh side.  Another leg win for them by default thanks to other teams’ mistakes.  Credit to Andy & Tommy for not making their own mistakes, but they’ve had more than their fair share of luck this Race.  Then again, dominance doesn’t always equal a million dollars, so we’ll see if they can replace that luck with their skills.
Laurence & Zac Laurence & Zac – They are definitely not Racing well.  Them being clueless and lost has been an unfortunate running theme and it is going to bite them in the butt if they don’t take care of it soon.  Laurence’s personality is also starting to grate a little bit.  He’s come off borderline condescending in the previous legs, but he ramped it up this week.
Justin & Jennifer Justin & Jennifer – See Jennifer, look how great the Race is when you enjoy it and appreciate the Race and work for the win instead of rolling your eyes and expecting Justin to do everything. 
Quotes from Episode 19.06

Laurence: “Have you ever starred in a James Bond movie?”

Cindy: “I’ve never felt less safe in my life than right now.”

Cindy: “We got passed by old people.  And that sucks.”

Ernie: “You’re in an African jail!”

Sandy: “He’s just rubbing it real harr…”

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