For Your Emmy Consideration – Phil Keoghan

Like The Amazing Race dominated the Reality-Competition category, so too did Survivor host Jeff Probst dominate the Reality Show Host category. Probst has been a deserving winner, but there’s another guy out there too who’s put in 10 equally excellent years in front of the camera.

Phil Keoghan continues to be an amazing host and the only one suited for the series. An adventurer himself, Keoghan loves being part of a worldwide adventure and enjoys seeing regular everyday Americans doing the same.

Over the past 10 years and 18 seasons, Keoghan has become one of the best parts of the series, adding humor and levity when needed, but being compassionate and serious as the tension of the competition wears on the teams.

Keoghan’s willingness to poke fun at himself, like standing in just his underwear in the snow to demonstrate the upcoming task or diving into the sea himself to explain the rules, is a great example of how much he enjoys what he does.

When needed, he understands the contestants, helps comfort them or laughs right along with them. And as the master of ceremonies, no one explains tasks and challenges with as much fun as he does.

While The Amazing Race and Probst have already enjoyed well deserved success at the Emmys, it is time for Phil Keoghan to get his equally deserving turn as well.

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