For Your Emmy (and Renewal!) Consideration – Outsourced

NBC’s Outsourced has had a bumpy roller coaster of a life. From premature assumptions before it even premiered to becoming NBC’s highest rated new scripted series to getting stuck on the bubble awaiting its fate.

The comedy about an Indian call center for an American novelties company could be the biggest underdog story of the season outside of Dillon, Texas. Despite getting shuffled to a difficult timeslot (after doing very well in its original) and continuing to get unwarranted and baseless criticism from critics and some viewers alike, Outsourced forged ahead to grow into one of television’s most charming series.

Outsourced doesn’t drop a joke every other second like other shows may attempt to do, but you can’t help but keep a smile on your face the entire half hour. Each episode always builds up to the satisfying punchline at the end and that is very refreshing.

The series is also relatable, a workplace comedy that uses its different and unique setting to its advantage.

Being set in India only adds to what makes the series so good. Outsourced puts a face behind those calls you make about products or support. They’ve managed to touch on how call centers are important and meaningful jobs for the locals in India (and the Philippines as well).

And those faces and personalities as just like you or me. They may have a different culture, faith, clothing, and food, but they go through the same things in everyday life; jobs, family, friends, romance. It’s all there and with a talented, charming ensemble cast to bring it all to life.

Going against possibly what half of America thinks about the show (without even watching an episode), Outsourced is charming. The characters and cast are charming. You can’t help but like these characters, each one of them contributing to the episode every week.

And maybe the most surprising, Outsourced has a lot of heart.

If you want a sample of just how good the series can be, look no further than the two episodes NBCU has submitted for Emmy consideration: Episode 11, “A Sitar is Born” and Episode 17, “Todd’s Holi War.”

Both are not only the funniest and most fun episodes of the season, but they are perfect showcases for the wonderfully talented cast. And one of the most refreshingly unique aspects of the series is that it isn’t mean-spirited or cynical.

Outsourced is fresh, different, sweet, charming and one of the most enjoyable comedies on TV today. Here’s to a 2nd season and maybe even some Emmy love.

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